Riding, Walking and Eating


Im pretty optimistic today. Im eating less and moving more. Yesterday I put in a 30 mile ride before work. Today it was a hour walking in the woods. I can’t put my finger on it but this time it feels different. It feels like I’m not having to go out of my to do this stuff. In fact, I get up in the morning and can’t wait to get outside. I hope this continues. Without going into it I believe Ive hit rock bottom in that regard and really have no choice. Sometimes its easier when the decision was made for you.

To be honest, I think the ebike has helped bring this on. In my head I hope to not have that bike for long. I can’t put my finger on it 100 percent but I can say I feel more motivated than ever before and Im not going to try and figure out why as I dont want to jinx it.

Yesterday ride was nice. It was nice to not have to be in a hurry to get a ride in before work. That extra hour makes a huge difference. I braved the city and rode the the park. Stopping at stuff along the way. 2 hours ride time. Ive got the Checkpoint spiffed up and ready for some gravel riding. I hope to get up north several times before it snows.

Yesterday I added Bontrager’s one piece stem\bar. This thing retails at $600 and looks cool. When I sell the Checkpoint it will go on next years road bike. So that, along with the Zipp NSW’s and WTB’s 42c Resolute’s make this a pretty sweet bike and ready to rock some gravel roads somewhere. For me the only thing missing is electronic shifting but the 105 works perfectly. So I’ll save that for next years bike.


The new bar\stem and some matching camo tape make the cockpit. I hope to ride this bike a lot before winter.

I dont have a lot going on this weekend. I think I will ride the checkpoint home tonite and back again tomorrow. Im alone in the store all day today and tomorrow. Sunday I acually hope to get in the woods with the Powerfly. I think I’ve waiting long enough to dry things out. Not sure where I’ll ride. Somewhere.

Im hoping to get up north every third week or so. Ongoing. At least thats the plan. Some of the weekend might just be up Saturday morn and back Sunday aft but thats better than nothing. Only one nite stay is cheaper too.

Anyway, thats it for this week. I just might not post a lot about my weight loss. Unless I want to. But for now for me its just sit back and make it work.

Have a good weekend.


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