Muggy and Wet

Fog. Lots.

Not much for riding. These past days have either been raining or too foggy to road ride. Sure, there are some small windows of time to ride but Im just not lined up to hit them. I tried to ride Sunday but turned back after 10 minutes. Just too foggy and I forgot my raer lite at the store. That was my extent of riding over the Holiday.

No riding in the woods yet. Just too wet. I hear we are going to have two or almost three days without rain coming up. That would be nice. Crazy how we had almost no rain for the last few months, were way below average and now are at near average or above. The middle of the state got 4 more inches last nite. And even tho we have had a lot of rain for the most part we have missed the majority. Just minor flooding here. Nothing like Milwaukee or Madison.

Of late I have been collecting parts to rebuild my Checkpoint into a bitchin gravel bike. It’s been mostly stock all summer but thats about to change. Its should be done by Friday and will be posting pics everywhere.

Opening the store at 11 now is giving me some nice time in the morning to do stuff. Today I walked a couple miles on the beach. Im going to be doing this a lot in the near future. And its because of the ebike. Im just not happy riding the bike. Don’t get me wrong. It’s great at what it does. It’s not the bike its me. I just dont want to be the guy on the ebike. I dont want to be the odd guy (Im mean more than usual). Im re committing to losing weight. I know.. again. Getting in a walk before work is key. I spend more calories walking than riding. My body has become so efficient at riding as anyone who rides a lot. But a mile walk has me sweating thru my clothes. I need to do more of that. Cross training of sorts. More on this later. I almost hate to mention it. I’ve done so many times and failed.

For the time being, I’ll ride the ebike for sure but its my new goal to get back on a normal bike. And I hate to use the word normal. The ebike is a bike. I still ride it with heart rate. But I guess I still ride solo just as much as before. I dont need assist if Im alone. And my time on the ebike is limited. Fat bikes are shipping and soon (in about a month) I’ll build mine. If things go as planned, I’ll ride it thru the beginning if November, then I’ll be on a fatbike anyway and sell the Powerfly.

But a lot of rides will happen before that. Hopefully this weekend. If the rain stays away it should be dry enough in the woods to ride.

I hope so. It’s been a week and a half since I’ve been in the woods with the MTB.


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