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Weekend Off!

Today is my last day of work until Monday. Most people can say that every Friday. Im pretty excited. Hope to get in a ton of riding in. First venture out of town with the Powerfly. I should be able to double my ride time. And you can bet I will.

I ditched the camping. Lows Saturday nite are now near the freezing mark. Im just not prepared for that. I found a cheap hotel for $80 bucks. Again, I’ll be doing the north trails Saturday as there is a Enduro going on at the South trails. Then Sunday I’ll show up on the south side. Looking to do some trails I have never done before. I even was thinking of doing Harlow Lake which is pretty much double black. That might not be a good idea if Im alone.

I should be up there just before noon tomorrow and be riding right after lunch. Then maybe back at it around 9am Sunday. After that ride I’d like to get cleaned up and after some lunch but before I leave I would like to hike up to Sugerloaf. Then pack up for the 4 hour ride home. Maybe hit up Reforestation in Green Bay on the way home? Maybe.

Second time I saw this guy this week.

Saw this go past as I walked today. Today was a good walk day. Yesterday I put in almost 30 miles on the Checkpoint. So the activity is going pretty good. I walk a lot farther than when I started two weeks ago. I’ve had some small setbacks on the food intake but nothing I would call a disaster. Im pretty happy with the way things are going altogether.

The fatbikes are rolling in. I ordered two Borealis Crestones like I rode last year. They have a cool new color. They should ship today and be here mid next week. Also, the Trek fatbikes are showing up too. The new frames are in and I’ll order one for me as soon as I get back next week. Then I’ll start building. If that build go’s like I want it that will be the best and coolest fatbike I have ever had. And thats saying a lot!

That’s about it for today. I do have some bikes to build before I leave so I better get going.

I should be able to let you know how things went on Monday. Have a good weekend.


Mid Week


Im having some great walks. Mostly on the beach. Im ready to hit some woods but the mosquitoes are still bad enough to make me stay out. At least for walking. Im walking a little farther every day. The morning have been cool and its supposed to drop to the upper 30’s in a few days. I would expect that to ditch most of the little critters.

I just checked my weekend help and all looks good to go for the weekend. It’s just a day but Im still pretty excited. I’ll start digging out the camping gear when I get home tonite. It looks like its going to dip in the mid to low 30’s up there Saturday nite so I better bring some cool weather clothing along. And blankets. Lots of blankets. Hopefully my tent wont have some big hole in it. It’s been hiding in some closet for a few years now.

I was thinking of bringing the gravel bike with but really I won’t have any time for it. Just two rides. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. So its the MTB only for sure.


Speaking of which, I was swearing up and down on making these tire tubeless. I was ready to switch them out. Turns out it was the valve stem. I just replaced the core on the pesky rear tire and its held every pound since. Good to go. While I have had the bike in the woods I’ve not yet rode on any real gravel. Thats a bummer. I wish we had some around here.

So thats about it for mid week. Just getting things ready for the weekend. And after walking the last few mornings I should get a ride in tomorrow morn on the Checkpoint.

I wish I could leave today.


First Fall Weekend


Love the cooler temps. Sleeping weather as they call it. The mosquitoes are still around but the cool morning have them also sleeping longer. 

Sunday I pulled a tripleheader. I started with about an hour walk in the park. Then drove out to our local State trails called Greenbush and layed down a lap out the. About another hour. Then I headed home and put in another hour on the Checkpoint. A good day.

Not after having to pump up those damn WTB tires again. The front tire seems to be holding air. Friday I put in another 2oz of stans and it still was completely flat the next morn. Im decided if I should give it one more shot or just tube the damn thing. Im going to maybe change valves today. Last chance.

Ive quietly been losing weight. I have been eating about half of what Im used to. And all in smaller portions spread out during the day. I dont talk about it much to anyone. Just let it take its course and see what happens. 


On the MTB yesterday I saw this big mushroom. Not sure what kind it is but those things must grow fast. It was no more than 2 feet off the trail.

So this is the week where I prep for a short weekend in Marquette. Only my second weekend away from the store since March and since the only weekend in mid July. Im really looking forward to it. Even tho its short. I’ll leave early Saturday morn and be up there riding by noon. Then I have reservations at the local campground to tent it Saturday nite. And after hitting up a coffee shop early Sunday morn will hit the trails again for a few hours before grabbing some lunch and driving home. I’ll be solo.

If I find some time I might hike up to the top of Sugerloaf. Also on Saturday there is the Marquette Mountain Enduro as the south trails. I might stop in a bit there but dont want to waste good ride time. So Im trying not to get too excited. The last time I was excited to head out a weekend plans got cancelled and it threw me for a loop.

Another thing I gatta start working on is my trip out west. That, like last year, will happen the first week of Nov. The store will be closed that week. And thats only 5 weeks away!

Thats about it for my weekend. Better get to work.



Mornings, Tubeless and More.


Another walking day. Todays walk was over an hour and thats my longest to date. I’ve been enjoying the morning walks. The mosquitos were not as bad today due to the high winds. The same high winds that kept me off the bike this morn and put me on the walk.

I walk fast enough to eventually break a sweat. A calorie burned is a calorie burned. Im trying to only weigh myself once a week. Usually on Sunday mornings.


Two days ago I set up my WTB Resolutes tubeless. They have yet to hold pressure overnite. It’s not the rims. When I had my road tires tubeless they held pressure for weeks. This is the third day I had to air up. I will add a little more stans and give it one more try. If they cant hold air I will switch to a set of Bontragers I now have in store.


 The new  Bonty GR2’s look like a nice tire. And they will be lighter and faster than the WTB’s on the road. In fact, if its slow today in the store I just might set them up anyway.

I hate messing with tubeless. I dont know why I do it. I always run a higher pressure anyway. I guess I do it because I think I should since everyone else is.

If I do mount them I will have a set of WTB’s for sale. Again. I ran them, the sold them this spring.

Moving on to next week. Next Saturday nite I have made reservations at Tourist Park in Marquette. I will leave early Saturday for the four hour drive. Hitting the trails just before noon or so. I’ll be on the north trails Saturday as there is a Enduro going on in the south trails that day.  I might head over there for a minute to watch a bit But I’d like to get at least three hours on the Powerfly. Maybe four.

Then set camp and get up Sunday morn to head to the south side. I’ve never done anything on the north side of the trailhead, always crossing the road to head up Benson. And now with the Powerfly I have a good shot at riding those for the first time.

Anyway, that is the plan. Will see what happenes. This weekend is the Trek world Cup cross race. I might head up to watch on Sunday but thats the only day I have off so I might just ride. I can always watch it on the computer is its streaming live.

I plan on riding home tonite and back to work in the morn. Not on the Checkpoint as I wont know what kind of pressure I’ll have in the morning. Now that Im complaining about it I should just throw the tubes back in and call it a day. Whatever.

The weather looks great for being outside. Nice and cool, no humidity. So do that. Have a good weekend.