Rising water.

So last week I took the ebike home twice. As you would expect it was a nice easy commute. Sure its a big MTB with fat tires but on turbo assist that does not really matter.

In a car it takes me about 12 minutes to get home. On the ebike it was 18 minutes. Just a extra 6 minutes, or 12 total out of my day to leave the car home. Sure, it’s usually a little longer in the morning as Im screwing round. But thats on my time.

Yesterday I took the Checkpoint instead. And I was pleasantly surprised to make it home in 22 minutes. Just four minutes longer than the ebike. Which only points out the fact I do not need a ebike to commute back and forth to work. Just when I want to MTB in the woods.

Ton of rain this week. We will be out of the woods for awhile anyway. Tuesday had big storms with a bunch of small tornadoes. The sirens went off late Tuesday so I jumped in my car and headed west only to find nothing. Just wind and rain. Lots of rain.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-28 at 4.43.15 PM
Storm passing overhead.

About 14 miles west the front passed me. No rotation where I was. I turned around and headed back to the store.

The State trails I ride on (more now that I have the ebike) got hammered. 30+ trees down. It’s going to take a long time to clean up. So, like I said, no MTBing for awhile.

So it will be the Checkpoint for the time being. I have the 2.0 tires back on it. I had road bike tires on it for awhile but Im done with long road rides. It’s hard to get much more than 15mph out of those big tires but thats good enough for me. It’s a versatile bike and I like to keep my options open.

This weekend does not look like a lot of riding anyway. I work all day tomorrow and Sunday I have family stuff. Hopefully the woods will start to dry out but not until the rains tonite and tomorrow morn. Flood watch out again. Crazy weather.

Have a good weekend.


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