Getting Faster

So this weekend I took the Powerfly and rode with a few pretty fast guys. The dude behind me had a GoPro so he sent me this. You can see the guys in front of me. I still had a hard time keeping up but on this trail I was acually disadvantaged as it was not a lot of climbing and I had all I can do to handle a 50 pound bike thru this stuff. I could tell I could catch up a bit on the ups but not as much as one would think. These guys were fast. At the end I had to bail as I was on the brink of disaster too many times and the odds of hitting a tree was increasing. The assist only helps to 20mph and I hit that several times on the trail. That was a first.

But this is what the bike does for me. Lets me ride with these guys again. Even if I can’t keep up still. But again, this trail is limited to bike handling and not climbing. On another trail with elevation Im sure I would stay right with them. This was the first time Ive used the eMTB mode on the bike which senses what your doing and adds power when you need it. When Im alone Im more than happy to run it in “eco” and take my time. But these guys demanded a much higher setting. There is one more setting above eMTB and thats “turbo”. I dont like that one unless Im on the road. It surges too much. Very hard to work with in the woods. One wrong crank turn and your headed for a tree. But again, its great for my commute to the store.

Ive been on this trail three times now and only just this weekend I’ve tried to go as fast as I could. I absolutely blew up my Strava. To the point of setting it private as to not piss anyone off. But pretty much all these PR’s are not going to be beat under human only power. I think I can delete them someday if I want to? Not sure.

But Im getting very used to the bike and having a blast on it. In the back of my mind Im already thinking out west. Just remembering what I rode out there last fall having this bike would open up quite a bit more and not practically kill me the rest of the day. However, I am concerned on the downhills. This bike will be hard to keep at bay when Im on a 90 minute descent. It is a lot of bike to handle and yesterday I did get a ton of arm pump to the point my hand few off the bar once. That could of been a disaster. You really need to man handle the bike on sketchy downhills.

Thats about it. I hope to commute home a few times this week with it.


Wa da ya think?

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