Warming Up To….

I have not taken a lot of shit for the ebike. All positive.

I had a post typed on Wednesday. And then I deleted it. It was all about me leaving for Marquette to ride the Powerfly. I even was going to swing over to Eagle River to tackle those Hidden Lake trails that kicked my ass a month ago and started all this ebike stuff. Was going to leave this morn thru Sunday.

As I was typing that post Wednesday morn I got a call from my weekend help. He had to bail out. I gatta say I was upset. Not at him but just at life in general. I had all the plans made and now I had to undo them. So I just deleted the post and turned the computer off and went for a walk. I have had one weekend off since March and Im past the burned out stage. More like the exploded stage. Today, two days later Im better. I know things will slow here and I’ll get my chances come Oct\Nov. But I really was looking forward to riding my new bike on those trails. I’ll have another chance another day. But man, for a while there on Wednesday I was in bad shape.

I did get out to ride on Thursday morn. Hitting up the State trails that I now can ride. Was a nice lap around the woods before work. Last nite I commuted home on the Powerfly. I gatta say that was nice. Riding back and forth to work on the thing is a perk of a ebike I guess. I just lock out the suspension and ride it at 20mph (max assist). I can hit up a little woods too.20180824_081512

And a playground or two. I might do it again tonite. Leaving the car here at store. I took off the huge lug XR4’s that came with it and put on a set of Rocket Rons.


Just a smoother riding tire for the 5 mile road ride home. The XR4’s rumbled like a tractor. Its such a different mindset with the ebike regarding weight. Really, you just dont need to do all those little tweeks to the bike to make it lighter like I always did with my other bikes. No real need to go tubeless. Bars and post aluminum no problem. Im sure I can shave two pounds off the bike but then Im going from 48 to 46. Maybe under 45 pounds with carbon wheels. Not a big deal with an assist bike. Switching to a less aggressive tire should be the only thing I’ll do to it. I’ve been considering a gold chain or something to make me feel better about it but Im good. I have not done any research but Im wondering if a “normal” SL chain might not be the best for the torgue this thing (and me) puts out. I’ll just leave the one it came with on. But I think its a normal Shimano chain anyway.

I gatta say Im getting used to the ebike scenario. Im still not the fastest guy out there and thats a good thing in my book. Im not entirely there but my ego is starting to give up a little. And Im enjoying the ride more because of it. Just a few more rides…

So as I stated earlier Im working all weekend. I think I will take the Powerfly home again tonite and ride it back tomorrow morn. Sunday Im sure I will ride somewhere. Just not sure where. So thats about it. Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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