Finally a Post

Did I not post all week? That’s a first. Just busy I guess. I’ve been taking my time getting to work this week. It’s actually been busy and I just need the me time. A few nice visits to my happy place. Saw these guys cleaning themselves.

815am Wednesday

Then saw this sailing past town, got a few pic.


But yesterday morn was another ride on the Powerfly. The first with someone way faster than me. Back out to our local State trails that I can now do an entire loop without cutting short or blowing up. So this was the first real test if I could ride with fast people. The first lap (yes, I actually did two) I led. Did the entire lap without stopping. A little over an hour. Then they led the second and turn it up. Again, staying in the lowest setting of assist I had all I had to hang one. Which is the way I want it. No more waiting or stopping. Just riding. And that is worth every penny the bike costs.

But I will say this (again?) Just for giggles I turned the assist to the highest level (Turbo) and attacked a hill. This was the third ride on this bike and the first time I did that. I flew up the hill. The front tire lifted a couple times. I hated it.

At that point it did not feel like a bike. Sure, I pedaled as hard as I could but I went up that hill so fast it just felt wrong. And I can see why some people are hesitate to open up their trails to them. If you want to you can ride this bike abnormally fast on bike trails.

And as I mentioned in the very first post, thats not my bag. Im not saying it would not be fun, Im saying so much assist is just not for me. At the lowest setting its already opening up all the trails back up to me. I can now do them. The speed at which I do them is immaterial.

So the second lap I let them go ahead and I held their wheel. The entire lap. Sure, I had to work at it but again, thats half the reason I ride. Just super fun. Im so excited to take this thing out west next Nov. Ain’t no mountain high enough.

I am planning a weekend up at a trail system up north that I’ve been to before. Looks like the 24th to the 26th. Thats next week! Sadly I will not say where here. I’ve taken some shit from a very select few about the bike being banned here and there. So I just dont want to start an argument like I did on Facebook. I will say again that its been 99% positive.

As you know I was this bikes biggest critic and I took a lot for me to do this. But man, am I glad I did. You only have one shot at life. Just do it. I’ll ride it this weekend for sure. I might even ride it home tonite and back to work tomorrow. But maybe I’ll just on the Checkpoint for any commuting and leave the Powerfly for the woods.

I still can ride a regular bike.



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