Post eBike Post

So I did get a lot of conversation I must say. All positive. But Im still on the fence. The bike is queued to ship but I just can’t pull the trigger. I’ve had my finger on the button several times and got cold feet each time.

Yesterday. Rain over the lake.

 So let’s look at this again. There’s no doubt that I could do more with more people with this bike. Super tough trails will become more accessible to me. And by super tough I dont mean technically. I mean vertically. And I can ride them with others who are much faster than I. So thats a good thing.

Now, let’s look at what percentage of that riding I do. Im going to say those situations will be less than 10% of the way I ride today. Maybe 15%. That’s not to say I would do way more of that riding if I had the chance. There’s no doubt I could lay down a 4 hour ride up in Hayward. I can’t today. I would love to ride Marquettes North trail all the way to Ishpeming or Negaunee. I can’t today. So what’s my problem?

My problem is that when Im NOT riding stuff that I need help with Im stuck with a 50 pound bike. Is that a big deal? I dont know. Can I do Marquette’s Down Dogger or Eh Line with a 50 pound bike and not hit any trees? Maybe, again I dont know.

It’s not that I fly down those anyway. When your a guy my size you tend to keep the wheels touching the ground most of the time.

Am I overthinking this? In about three months I’ll build up my fatbike for the winter and its all back to normal then anyway. So thats only three months away. It’s not like Im ditching non assisted bikes altogether. I rode my Checkpoint 20 miles yesterday. See, now I’ve talked myself into it again. So Im heading over to the Treks dealer site and will hover my finger over the button. And get cold feet again. As Nike said, just do it. Maybe I will.

Another weekend is here and Im alone in the store today and tomorrow. So its a working weekend for me. The next week might be a quick run up to Marquette. Will see.

Looks like a great weekend here in Wisco. Get outside.


2 thoughts on “Post eBike Post

  1. I commented to you about my experience with the Levo. The bike is a joy to ride 95% of the time. Your comment about “ giving you access to more technical trails may not be as you expect. If it’s clean trails with steeper grades or longer hills, you’re right. But before you buy, ride the Ho Chi Min trail at wausau’s Nine Mile. A heavy bike is a heavy bike and rock gardens are a particular problem that 3” tires don’t solve. Trying to float that front tire over rock/root obstacles are not aided much by the power. The rock gardens at the Wausau24 are difficult no matter the bike, but the heavy front end is a real challenge. For that I prefer my 23 pound Stumpjumper.

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