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Rising water.

So last week I took the ebike home twice. As you would expect it was a nice easy commute. Sure its a big MTB with fat tires but on turbo assist that does not really matter.

In a car it takes me about 12 minutes to get home. On the ebike it was 18 minutes. Just a extra 6 minutes, or 12 total out of my day to leave the car home. Sure, it’s usually a little longer in the morning as Im screwing round. But thats on my time.

Yesterday I took the Checkpoint instead. And I was pleasantly surprised to make it home in 22 minutes. Just four minutes longer than the ebike. Which only points out the fact I do not need a ebike to commute back and forth to work. Just when I want to MTB in the woods.

Ton of rain this week. We will be out of the woods for awhile anyway. Tuesday had big storms with a bunch of small tornadoes. The sirens went off late Tuesday so I jumped in my car and headed west only to find nothing. Just wind and rain. Lots of rain.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-28 at 4.43.15 PM
Storm passing overhead.

About 14 miles west the front passed me. No rotation where I was. I turned around and headed back to the store.

The State trails I ride on (more now that I have the ebike) got hammered. 30+ trees down. It’s going to take a long time to clean up. So, like I said, no MTBing for awhile.

So it will be the Checkpoint for the time being. I have the 2.0 tires back on it. I had road bike tires on it for awhile but Im done with long road rides. It’s hard to get much more than 15mph out of those big tires but thats good enough for me. It’s a versatile bike and I like to keep my options open.

This weekend does not look like a lot of riding anyway. I work all day tomorrow and Sunday I have family stuff. Hopefully the woods will start to dry out but not until the rains tonite and tomorrow morn. Flood watch out again. Crazy weather.

Have a good weekend.


Bike Ride

Only thing I miss is the view.

After two days of solid rain and storms Im taking a break from the woods and ebike. This morn I rode back to my old stomping grounds. I have to say it was not a very nice ride. All city. Lots of cars, lights and stop signs. I just dont like city riding and its all city to get back there. The new store is about as far west as you can go in the city and the old store was about as far east. Just not a ride for me.

It’s also very hard to ride to my favorite State Park from the new store. It’s about 8 miles thru town. Or if I go around its about 12. I’ve went around a few times but usually I dont have the time to do so.


A ton of storms have blasted thru in the last 48 hours. Flood warnings. The river is pretty high right now. Im happy to say my basement has survived the onslaught. Some were not as lucky.

That’s about it. Not sure when the woods will be dry enough to ride. Could be a few days for sure. I’ll just ride the Checkpoint until then.


Getting Faster

So this weekend I took the Powerfly and rode with a few pretty fast guys. The dude behind me had a GoPro so he sent me this. You can see the guys in front of me. I still had a hard time keeping up but on this trail I was acually disadvantaged as it was not a lot of climbing and I had all I can do to handle a 50 pound bike thru this stuff. I could tell I could catch up a bit on the ups but not as much as one would think. These guys were fast. At the end I had to bail as I was on the brink of disaster too many times and the odds of hitting a tree was increasing. The assist only helps to 20mph and I hit that several times on the trail. That was a first.

But this is what the bike does for me. Lets me ride with these guys again. Even if I can’t keep up still. But again, this trail is limited to bike handling and not climbing. On another trail with elevation Im sure I would stay right with them. This was the first time Ive used the eMTB mode on the bike which senses what your doing and adds power when you need it. When Im alone Im more than happy to run it in “eco” and take my time. But these guys demanded a much higher setting. There is one more setting above eMTB and thats “turbo”. I dont like that one unless Im on the road. It surges too much. Very hard to work with in the woods. One wrong crank turn and your headed for a tree. But again, its great for my commute to the store.

Ive been on this trail three times now and only just this weekend I’ve tried to go as fast as I could. I absolutely blew up my Strava. To the point of setting it private as to not piss anyone off. But pretty much all these PR’s are not going to be beat under human only power. I think I can delete them someday if I want to? Not sure.

But Im getting very used to the bike and having a blast on it. In the back of my mind Im already thinking out west. Just remembering what I rode out there last fall having this bike would open up quite a bit more and not practically kill me the rest of the day. However, I am concerned on the downhills. This bike will be hard to keep at bay when Im on a 90 minute descent. It is a lot of bike to handle and yesterday I did get a ton of arm pump to the point my hand few off the bar once. That could of been a disaster. You really need to man handle the bike on sketchy downhills.

Thats about it. I hope to commute home a few times this week with it.


Warming Up To….

I have not taken a lot of shit for the ebike. All positive.

I had a post typed on Wednesday. And then I deleted it. It was all about me leaving for Marquette to ride the Powerfly. I even was going to swing over to Eagle River to tackle those Hidden Lake trails that kicked my ass a month ago and started all this ebike stuff. Was going to leave this morn thru Sunday.

As I was typing that post Wednesday morn I got a call from my weekend help. He had to bail out. I gatta say I was upset. Not at him but just at life in general. I had all the plans made and now I had to undo them. So I just deleted the post and turned the computer off and went for a walk. I have had one weekend off since March and Im past the burned out stage. More like the exploded stage. Today, two days later Im better. I know things will slow here and I’ll get my chances come Oct\Nov. But I really was looking forward to riding my new bike on those trails. I’ll have another chance another day. But man, for a while there on Wednesday I was in bad shape.

I did get out to ride on Thursday morn. Hitting up the State trails that I now can ride. Was a nice lap around the woods before work. Last nite I commuted home on the Powerfly. I gatta say that was nice. Riding back and forth to work on the thing is a perk of a ebike I guess. I just lock out the suspension and ride it at 20mph (max assist). I can hit up a little woods too.20180824_081512

And a playground or two. I might do it again tonite. Leaving the car here at store. I took off the huge lug XR4’s that came with it and put on a set of Rocket Rons.


Just a smoother riding tire for the 5 mile road ride home. The XR4’s rumbled like a tractor. Its such a different mindset with the ebike regarding weight. Really, you just dont need to do all those little tweeks to the bike to make it lighter like I always did with my other bikes. No real need to go tubeless. Bars and post aluminum no problem. Im sure I can shave two pounds off the bike but then Im going from 48 to 46. Maybe under 45 pounds with carbon wheels. Not a big deal with an assist bike. Switching to a less aggressive tire should be the only thing I’ll do to it. I’ve been considering a gold chain or something to make me feel better about it but Im good. I have not done any research but Im wondering if a “normal” SL chain might not be the best for the torgue this thing (and me) puts out. I’ll just leave the one it came with on. But I think its a normal Shimano chain anyway.

I gatta say Im getting used to the ebike scenario. Im still not the fastest guy out there and thats a good thing in my book. Im not entirely there but my ego is starting to give up a little. And Im enjoying the ride more because of it. Just a few more rides…

So as I stated earlier Im working all weekend. I think I will take the Powerfly home again tonite and ride it back tomorrow morn. Sunday Im sure I will ride somewhere. Just not sure where. So thats about it. Have a good weekend. Get outside.