It was a so-so weekend. I did get out for a pre work ride both Friday and Saturday. Sunday was one of those days again where I sat on the couch all day (or lawn chair outside) and ate too much. I did have the MTB with me but just never got the ambition to ride. I dont like those days. Friday i rode the MTB on our local trails. The kids have been busy building these structures. It seems they have been getting more extravagant every summer. Pretty soon I could live in one.

Since I decided to sell the BMC I now pimped out my Checkpoint for road riding. At least for awhile. I dont think I have a lot of road riding to do this summer anymore anyway.


The bike is not half bad on the road. I put down 20 miles on it Saturday morn. The Zipps look funny on the bike tho….

So now its game on with the MTB. Back to my roots. Im planning ahead a bit for August with two possible weekend up in Marquette. Ore to Shore is in two weeks and I can have another weekend on the 25th\26th too. Not sure what to do with that one.

That’s all I have here today. Not much I know.  The bike sale is still going one today. It should be busy….


Wa da ya think?

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