Back to taking pictures. And spending more lake time in the morning. Always a great way to start the day. I’ve been busy in the store with my stuff.

Bontrager now has a 2.6in tire in XR2. So I had to get it. Currently I have XR3’s in 2.4 and they were OK but since I was always a 29+ guy I wanted to get as big as I could with the EX. Bonty did have some 2.6’s out there but they were XR 4’s was way too beefy for what I ride. So on with the XR2 bigger tires now. Always a pleasant experience mounting tubeless tires on Bonty TLR tire\wheel combo. So easy. So next is the first ride. Im sure I wont notice a difference although Im sure it will be there. The tires are a bit wider and taller too. So that will be good for me. I was going to ride it this morn but some pretty good rains last nite kept me out of out local woods. Maybe tomorrow morn.

4 sale.

I’ve also made an executive decision. I’ve decided to discontinue BMC in the store. Great bikes, I love my Roadmachine, but just did not sell enough of them. So this bike is for sale at demo pricing. I’ll get it up on the interwebs next week after putting it back to stock.

So…..  I did order a new Madone SLR. I was waiting for this bike to come out with disk and now it has. But mine wont be here until late Sept and by then I will be all MTB. But thats OK. I dont group ride a lot anyway anymore and I will just put skinny tires (28c) on the Checkpoint for the road the rest of this summer. I’ll just throw on the Zipps on that bike. Plenty good for what road riding I do. So thats on the agenda today.  I’ll put the fat Checkpoint tires and another wheelset and just switch back and forth….

Besides that, Trek’s summer sale starts today. I’ve done a little advertising so I hope that goes well. One last kick in sales before it slows which is less than a month away.

Its crazy how Im already looking at fall and thinking what MTB weekends I can take. I also plan on another fall trip out west early November. Its pretty slow here then, best time to do that.

That’s about it for today, most likely will talk after the weekend. Get outside.


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