Busy Times

I completely forgot to post later last week. I was understaffed both Friday and Saturday and I knew that having been overstaffed the weekend prior to get up north.

Hidden Lake trail. Eagle River,WI

Here’s a pic from the Hidden Lake trail near Eagle River. I was a bit blown out at the time. That’s about the best smile I could muster. But you can get an idea on how awesome those trails were. Just beautiful. I will be back to seek revenge on these trails. They kicked my ass that day. I hope to turn that around another day. Those trails were hard and I hope to do the entire loop in the future.

Looking back, that huge bonk Sunday was the accumulation of the third day riding in the heat. I think my body just ran out of water. And I know I suck at eating and drinking on the bike but Im not so sure I could have avoided this altogether. When I wasn’t in an air conditioned hotel room I pretty much was sweating. And it just caught up to me on the third day when I was putting in huge efforts. I was seeing stars on the top of some of those climbs. So if I get back there under different circumstances I think I would be fine if I took my time.

I did not ride once all last week. Just too busy. Saturday morn was a misty overcast. And I was alone in the store all day anyway so I had to prepare. So no ride Saturday either.

Saturday morn.

I did hit the beach a bit Saturday morn. I wasn’t raining but just a mist. Overcast. With all the sunshine we have been getting I didnt mind a gloomy day. We were due.

And that carried into Sunday morn. Woke up to a pretty solid rain. But looking at the radar it seemed it was all coming to an end soon. I got out on the road bike at 2pm. Sunny and windy 20 miles. I’ll take it since it was a solid week since I last rode a bike.

A full week has passed since the north trip and I have been so busy I really did not get to think about it so much. A couple of thoughts. It was kinda bummer to do it alone but that allowed me to pretty much ride when I wanted where I wanted. That was nice. But being alone in the middle of nowhere had me riding pretty conservative. I just could not take the chance of hitting the deck when alone.

So even tho its a full week later I’ll close that chapter. I really have no idea when I’ll get another weekend. Nothing in Aug. Maybe Sept. Other than that its back to work. Im training a new employee and thats always a bummer mid summer.

The two days of rain has moved on and I hope to get in a few rides this week. Maybe a couple of commutes…. I have a full kit I keep at the store just in case….


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