MTB Tour of the North(pt 2)

Second day Saturday. Still hot (near 90) and still lots of bugs.

Saturday morn.

After finding a nice coffee shop in Minocqua and spending an hour there I was off to my next trail ride. WinMan trails are a privately owned system. Skiing and fat bikes by winter, MTB by summer. Sadly I dont have any pictures from on the trail as the flies were just so bad. Could not stop.

The trail system is on a smallish footprint. The trails wind back and forth right next to each other.I did a pretty good sized loop in 35 minutes but there were trails I did not hit first time thru. The second time I got to hit another loop and also the slalom downhill section. They have it all there. Here is a map. I started both laps on the yellow and finished on different loops. It was busy, maybe 30 bikes there at 10am. There is no fee to ride there but dont leave without making some donation. This stuff is hard to maintain. Lots of berms. The climbing was there but it was switch backed so not as hard. You can see there was a lot of nam hours here building these trails.

After a few hours there I was kinda done for the day and just did the up north sightseeing thing. Our family used to come up here a lot and I backtracked to all the old stomping grounds. The bike paths up here have grown quite a bit. Miles and miles of paved path between many small towns. I’ve been on them 10 years ago and I think they have doubled since. Lots of families on them.

The road riding up here is also second to none. Beautiful country roads with lakes on both sides. I always wanted to just come up here with the road bike. I just might.

I decided to spend the nite in Eagle River. There is a old school trail I was told about a few years ago. I’ll give that a try on Sunday morn before I head home.

The Hidden Lakes trail is not like the others I rode this weekend. Like I said its a old school trail. More like a hiking trail. Not maintained. Always in the rough. Again, no pics due to the insect population but I found some info on it.

This is about the best link on it.

Compared to the fast flowing man made trails I’ve been riding on this was twice as hard, twice as technical. No switchbacks here. You went straight up huge elevation changes. Rocky and roots all the way up. Needless to say it was hike a bike for me. But it was not the trails that kicked my ass. By this third day in the heat I was not keeping up with hydration. And it all came to a head halfway thru this trail. I just had nothing left to sweat out. I was in a bit of trouble. I knew I was going to make it out but I was so sick. I did about 9 miles of the trail and bailed out on a road crossing. Looked at my phone and found my way back to the lot. I could not eat the rest of the day. And Monday morn was a bit tough still. But feeling better now.

Here’s my ride on Connect. It does not look that hard but it was.

But what a beautiful trail. Winding thru lakes and campgrounds. Many times right along the water’s edge. I will for sure be back to try this one again. It’s a true MTB trail. And I’ll be better prepared so I can do the entire loop next time.

So that my weekend. It was fun to hit all the different trails with several different types of trails. I just wish my fitness was better so could have rode with another but at least I got out there. I would not hesitate to do it again.

I think I need to invest in a CamelBak.


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