MTB Tour of the North(pt 1)

I’ve got a lot to write about I guess. Three days of riding in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. I’ll have to put this in two posts. But I’ll start with a couple things…    1) It was hot. Every day. Humid too. All three days. 2) The mosquitoes and flies were terrible. All three days. My pictures are limited. It was impossible to stop. The flies were the worse. I was getting bite under my helmet as I rode. It was really that bad that it kinda defined the weekend. 3) Im very tired today. I spent most of the weekend dehydrated. A little sick. Then with that didnt eat much. So I feel like I’ve been rung thru a ringer today. And I slept 10 hours last nite.


I left the house at 7am Friday and I arrived at Nine Mile in Wausau around 930. The second I pulled into the lot it starts pouring. Looking at the radar it showed a bit of rain for about 10 minutes and then clear so I went back into town to fill up the car and maybe get a bite to20180713_120624 eat. An hour later I got back to the lot and kitted up.

It’s been years since I rode here. At least 5 or more. I think the last time I was here was acually 2010 for a race. Not sure. Anyway, off I was into the assault of the flies. I did a pretty good lap for about 30 minutes and when I got back to the car I thought another quick lap would be the ticket. So I started lap two but after about 10 minutes I just could not take getting bite on my head from the flies anymore so I bail on some cutoff and got back to the car with less than a hour on the bike. It was just mentally tough with the fly situation.

Me and all my friends at Nine Mile.

I packed up in Wausau and headed to Minocqua. About a hour or so drive. I had a room in Minocqua and got there around 2pm and was able to check in. Then grabbed a fresh kit and headed out to the Bearskin Trail with the Checkpoint.


The Bearskin is a 17 mile point to point on crushed gravel. The Checkpoint rocked this. Its a State trail and you need a trail pass to ride it. I had one as we need one also to ride our local State trails back home. It was late afternoon and the trail was kinda busy but not too bad. I rode it about 10 miles before I flipped. As you will notice in the pic Im in the big ring. I pretty much crushed everyone else on the trail.


You pass some lakes and rivers. There was a lot of people there this weekend as it was very hard to find a room for Friday nite. People everywhere. This is a very easy and comfortable trail. I’ve done it a few times before on my MTB when I was up here. A really nice cruise. And the flies were not that bad here. I got a little relief from that.


The after the trail I tooled around town for a bit. The ski show was about to start but I was just too tired to think about that. Just checked out all the shops and looked for a coffee shop for the morning. I got back to my room, cleaned up and was to bed by 830 (for real). Another day tomorrow. The tour continued.  More on that later….


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