Weekend w\Pics


Finally a MTB ride on Sunday. It’s been like two weeks since. I hit up out local State trails we call Greenbush. It’s the biggest system around but not the best (at least for me). Im pretty sure I was the only one there which is weird as the weather was perfect for a Sunday morn. Needing more time on this bike I did form some opinions.

One is the wheel size. Being a 29+ guy for the last three years this is the first “normal” 29er MTB Ive had in years. I do notice the smaller diameter wheel which is weird cuz its not the much smaller than a plus bike. First off I do notice rolling over stuff. Being a bigger guy I just loved the way those big 29+ tires rolled over stuff. I notice I have to lean back or lift the front tire more.

But while thats a small negative there is a small positive. Gear ratio. The slightly smaller tire\wheel measures out to a higher granny gear ratio. And Ive noticed I can climb a bit better. And this is with the same driveline. Sram Eagle with a 30 tooth oval ring. While my climbing is “slower” Im 20180708_100308on the bike much longer on the killer climbs. Steep efforts that I claimed only half the time Ive hit every time on this bike. It is 5 pounds lighter too but Im sure its the lower ratio thats keeping me upright on the tough stuff.

I have to say that is helping me with my motivation. Walking up hills when others ride is a buzzkill that I’ve been experiencing for many years now. They still have to wait for me on top but Im there much faster now that I can stay in the saddle. And its not fitness either. Im in poor shape. When its selling season in the summer I just dont have enough time to ride as much as I want to. But that will come later. Fall is my time.

My ride time is now in the morning again. I looked how much coffee I sold between 9 and 10am and it just does not make sense to open any earlier than 10am. That will change in the future as I just have not put a big emphasis on the coffee part of the store being so busy with bikes. And of course available help plays in the decision too.

Friday nite\Saturday morn I commuted home with the Checkpoint. I plan on doing that again tonite. It’s just a extra hour on the bike that I would normally not get. It all adds up.

And I just had a good buddy call me for a nooner today and Im on board. Again just an hour but its all good.

So I better go, I have a ton of ordering to do before I ride…



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