The 4th and Beyond



I dont have a lot to say. I did get in a ride on the 4th. 41 miles to make the longest of the year. Hope to keep that going but it will be a bit more of a challenge as I lost another employee. Well, not really lost but his day job changed and has less time to spend here. I’ve made the decision to open at 10am as we have been for years and not open earlier for coffee. I just need that extra hour in the morning now for my sanity. And I can start hitting up the lake again in the morning as I did today.  So back to the drawing board for my ride time. Long Ride Wednesdays are out before they even began. Except for this Wednesday. Here my ride. Mostly solo but it was nice to meet up with an old freind for 20 of those miles. A good ride.

I felt better on the bike. I would not say my fitness is getting better but Im feeling better on the bike overall. I could have hit a half century no problem. But anything more than that I would need a group to pull me a bit.

Tomorrow’s group ride will be non existent as there is a century ride out of town and everyone will be there.. Except me. I gotta work and thats OK. I did bring all my riding stuff here and maybe ride home and back tomorrow. Sunday Im open but really need to ride my MTB soon. Its been too long. By bikes I ride go’s in streaks. Its been all road bike the last two weeks. Before that it was all Checkpoint. Before that MTB. I should try and balance all three in a week. If I ride home tonight it will be on the Checkpoint.


One week from today I should be on my way up north. And Im not really sure what to do. or where to ride. Im thinking on riding somewhere on the way up to Hayward on Friday, then the Hayward\Cable area in Saturday, then somewhere else on the way back home Sunday. Will see. Whatever happens it should be fun. I’ll start to plan it mid week next week….

That’s about it. Have a good weekend.


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