Weekend Update

Not sure what to ride? Bring all of them home.

I didn’t get to Marquette. I thought I wouldn’t. Par for the course. Chance of rain up there was near 100% and I can’t take that chance. So I stayed home. I did get in a few good rides.

Saturday morn was the ride to the group ride now becoming common for me. I managed to hang on for 8 minutes. When they do the south route Im out almost immediately as there is some climbing the first 10 minutes. That’s a bummer for me and I sometimes dont even make it to the hills like Saturday. 8 minutes in I started the hills and they were already out of site. I did climb them on my own tho. 25 miles in before work Saturday. I’ll take that.

It was hot this weekend. No way could I have stayed in a tent if I went to Marquette. Highs in the 90’s with huge humidity. That’s the worst. They now have a heat index. With the wet air it was near 105. It was so hot the store was pretty slow Saturday. People just not out and about.

So after work I was not sure what bike I was going to ride. So I brought them all home with me (pic above). On Sunday I ended up grabbing the road bike for the second day in a row.


I have a lot of pictures of my bikes here on this guardrail. Someday I’ll look for all of them. I rode pretty early to beat the heat and stayed close to the lakeshore so it was pretty tolerable. I ended up with that I think was my longest road ride this summer. Sadly at 35 miles. But I felt pretty good after. A little tired but not too bad.

I really like this BMC Roadmachine. Its light and fast but still has “endurace” geometry which really means the headtube is taller for us old guys. It’s a pretty comfy ride.

Another epiphany I had on Sundays ride is the fact that I’ve decided to like Di2 over eTap. Its flawless shifting along with its programmable modes is about as good as it gets. I dont mind a few wires. You cant see them anyway.

But its too bad Shimano has pretty much ditched the brick and mortar shop. I can buy their stuff cheaper at some online store than directly from them. That’s sad and forces me to look elsewhere for a driveline sometimes. When us dealers bring it up to them they just throw their hands up and say there is nothing they can do about it. I dont buy that but it is what it is. It’s always a tough decision as their stuff works so well. Anyway, I like Di2.

This week is kinda screwed up with the 4th being on a Wednesday. I’ll have the day off of course and will go for a ride Im sure.

I most likely will not post until after the Holiday. Need to make sure all the bikes get out that need to before Wednesday. That and hope to start riding a bit more too. Not to jinx it but Im starting to lose a few pounds. But that happens every year around this time but I’ll take it.

Have a great 4th.


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