So as promised, I ripped the WTB tires off my Checkpoint and I found a set of Bonty XR0’s in 2.0. I forgot they even had this tread pattern. So minimal.  I will like these tires better than the Bontys I originally put on. They mount up without any headaches. The tire has a nice round profile to it. The 29-0’s I had on before were so square.


Big tires.

Check out that pattern. Crazy minimal. And perfect for the bike. They look too big but they fit fine. I had to adjust the rear stranglehold back as far as it goes but I would not have had to go all the way back. That lengthens the wheelbase 20mm. I can’t wait to ride it. It’s been a busy week with an employee on jury duty. But I will grab the bike and go soon. In fact I want to ride it home tonite and back to work tomorrow.


I also gave the MTB some love today with the custom Issi gold pedals to match the driveline. When I see shit like this I have to go for it. When I think about it I have no choice. It’s a must do. When your a bike store owner its part of the oath you take.

Im going to call this the last post of the week as I am planning a quick weekend up in Marquette. Nothing is set in stone but the store will be at full power of employees and I need to just go for it. Leave early Saturday, drive the 4 hours and ride Saturday aft, overnight and then ride again Sunday morn. Then home in the aft. I’ll be solo but I dont care. Im too slow to ride with anyone anyway. Especially there. But I gatta keep an eye on the weather. It would be a bummer to spend the time and money just to get rained out. That happened to me once a few years back and it was a pretty crappy time. I think I left with one more day paid for the hotel.

And Im still planning the Hayward trip for July 14\15. That’s in two weeks. Trying to make up for lost time from this spring I guess. This is kinda set in store as I have my room booked. But the longer drive will have me leaving Friday morn. Ride Friday aft, Saturday midday and


 Sunday morn before the long drive home. I’ve got that drive down to a tick less than 5 hours… My room is booked but I might look into camping. I could save $150 bucks. Will see.

That’s about it for this week. Down one employee this week had no riding but that should change next week if things get back to normal. And I hope they do.

Have a great weekend and wish me luck on the Marquette get away.


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