Ride Disaster

Finally a ride I can post about.


So I brought both the MTB and the Checkpoint home with me to ride on Sunday. As the sign points out, it was the Checkpoint as I just did not feel like driving anywhere to ride. So I left home thinking at least a 3 hour ride. The weather was about as good as it gets. 70 and sunny.


I was having a great ride along the lakeshore and planned on hitting this up again on the ride home. I love rides that I can stop and take it all in every once in a while.


And I did just that. After a nice ride along the lake I planned to hit up some woods near our State Park and thats where I got the first pic above. I know I say this a lot but I just love the Checkpoint. Or any cross bike for that matter. So many options on a ride. I hit the woods about a hour into the ride. Stopped a few times to eat and drink. Alas the serenity was disturbed by the inevitable flat tire. Not sure what happened but it seemed the tube just let go by the stem. Then I noticed I had a 28m tube in a 42m tire. To be expected I guess. So I change the tube out. Needed two co2’s to fill it. And off I went.

If you remembered when I mounted these tires on these rims I could not get them to bead up. I eventually blasted the tires close to 100 psi to get them up on the rim. It was scary. Well, of course when I threw the new tube in it did not bead up and i had good wobble in the tire when I got back to the pavement. So much that I turned back for home. It was just awful to ride and drove me nuts. When this happens Im not sure if its the rim or the tire but probably a combo of both.

Anyway, I decided that these tires are gone the minute I get back to the shop. They look cool and all but I can fight them every time I need to put a tube in. So as I wobbled back home all I could think about it the constant thump in the back tire. About halfway home disaster number two hits. Im looking around, not paying attention to what Im doing and hit a hole in the road by some construction. At the last minute I tried to hop it, going about 12mph or so. I got the front tire past it but the rear hit the edge square on and blew the rear tire for the second time. It hit so hard I was certain I broke the rim.


This was the crime scene. My rear tire hit so hard I can’t believe it didn’t shatter. I happy not to have hit the pavement. Anyway, I did not have another tube so it was to the cell phone to find a ride home. I was still about 5 miles from the house.

 I found a ride and got home. Did a quick visual on the rim and could not find anything. I’ll do another one today. And maybe the rear of the frame too. I hit that hard.

Hopefully I will not find anything and I will be pulling off those tires and putting the 29er MTB tires back on. They fit and mounted up just fine.

So that was finally a ride I can write about. But not for the right reason. I guess you gotta have a bad ride once in while to enjoy all the good ones. And the good ones always outnumber the bad 100 to 1.


Wa da ya think?

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