Even Busier

So Wednesday I had my first Long Ride Wednesday (LRW). How long? 29 miles. Big whoop. But a big deal for me. I hope to keep building on this Wednesday. Once everyone else in the store knows about it I can keep a set schedule around it. And that will be the case. Every Wednesday. Increasing mileage as we go.

I miss this bike. I miss that trail.

Then, on top of that a friend is in town and I did get to do another nooner Thursday. Two days in a row. I’ll practically be at race fitness after that (not).

Besides those two rides its been the busiest week in the store and I look the part today. Very tired. Need more sleep.

I’ll try to ride a bit tomorrow morn but not sure how much. Definitely not the group ride. Im pretty much alone in the store tomorrow. I do have some help in the morning tho….

I realize these posts get boring during busy times. Even my bike rides are hurried. I quick get kitted up, get out the door and ride, then at some point hurry back only to have to run to the bathroom to change back into work clothes and back on the sales floor. Sometimes I dont have time to put my shoes back on and work the floor in socks…

That’s the kind of rides I’ve been doing this week but still… a ride is a ride and better that no rides. Two road rides this week. 55 miles.

I sure can use the day off Sunday and hope I can ride the MTB a bit.

Have a good weekend.


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