So Busy

I’ve come to the conclusion that farmers and bike shop owners are the same. I have kinda been both in my life so far. We both complain about the weather: too hot, too cold, to much rain, not enough rain. Also we complain when its so slow and now when its so busy.

But in all shop owners defence its never a happy medium. Being a bike store in Wisconsin in winter has its slow rough patches. And we complain. Now, in June, the store’s tech shop is out into next week and thats just as stressful. You just have to roll up your sleeves and go.. One bike at a time. Its either 5 mph or 100 mph. No inbetween. 

I did have a pretty good riding weekend. 32 miles on the road bike on Saturday. I brought in extra help in the store so I could have a easy weekend. 

Taking a break.

Its pretty much been game on since late March for me. I was only in store Saturday two hours. That was nice. And sadly I think that 32 miles was my longest ride of the year. Remember my so called comeback two months ago? That went by the wayside pretty quick.

Sunday I had a very nice MTB ride. About a hour and a half in 90+ degrees. Still, it was a very nice ride. I climbed a little, went fast a little and rode slow a little. Almost crashed a little and stopped to take in the woods a little. But after that I headed home to take a nap in my air conditioned house. I did not come out much the rest of the day. It was even too hot to sit on the lawn mower to cut the grass. It was Father’s Day so I just did pretty much nothing.

All in all a great weekend. Looking forward Im going to try and get Long Ride Wednesday going again. I have new help in the store and she’s doing very well. That takes some load off of me and will let me get out more. I even have a few weekends in the works. More about them as they come to be.

One is set in stone. July 13 to 15 I will be in Cable for this ride. I missed it last year. I will be doing the shorter distance which is 21 miles of singletrack. Still a long ass ride for me. I already have my help lined up in the store. Barring any catastrophes I should be there.

I better get back to work. Besides the repairs I have a boat load of new bikes coming today….


Wa da ya think?

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