Pending Weekend.

I really should ride this more.

Again I really have nothing. The store has been very busy and thats expected right after the kids get out of school for the summer. If your a bike store and dont have more work than you can handle you have a problem. However it just turns out I have a small break in the action tomorrow. I’ve got two employee who can work tomorrow, one is a new girl that is almost ready to work without me around. So tomorrow is kind of of a test. I was searching desperately for somewhere to go Sat\Sun.

Hayward is out of the question being just too far away for such a short stint. Marquette would work. Leave early Saturday, stay the nite, ride up to Sunday at noon and head home by 4pm. I was looking to camp to keep costs down and I just can’t find anything open. Even with the new campground now open up there. Besides, there is a 70% chance of rain there Sunday. Just not worth the chance of heading up there in a tent to get rained out. So I will pass.

I guess I’ll just try the group road ride Saturday morn. Maybe the entire thing as I most likely will get dropped at some point. I’ll prepare to ride home solo. Then stop in store just to see what’s up… and leave for home early.

Sunday I’ll look for some MTBing. Not sure where. Its going to be in the 90’s for temps so I won’t have a lot in me for that day. So a road trip is probably out. So all this means I have no idea what’s up this weekend.

Im in the store early and have new bikes to build and old ones to fix. I better get going. Have a great weekend.


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