Down and Out


Today I had a nice commute to work. Well, not from home but the car shop as I am having four new tires put on. I need some road trips soon or Im going to explode and my car’s tires are bald. I’ve pretty much worked everyday since late March. Im trying to plan something. Not sure what yet but Marquette keeps coming to mind. Most likely solo. Most likely camping.

I dont talk a lot about personal stuff here but its been a tough last 3 days for me. We had to put down out family dog of 14 years. Im not doing so well. A little down and out. Time heals and Im just putting in my time here. That’s all I will say publicly.

The ride into work today helped. Just riding along with my thoughts helps. It’s such a nice day too. Warm and sun. I’ll need about 15 more rides like this before this is all over.

Honestly I dont know why I dont ride to work more. I really could. I guess most of the time I have a car full of stuff to bring. The Checkpoint is the perfect bike to commute for me. I get to cut thru a park, today taking the long way around the trails. I was thinking about putting a dropper post on this bike. How cool would that be. I do have

So I might just take this weekend out of town. At least gone one nite. This will be a good weekend to go solo for a nite.

That’s about all I have for mid week.


1 thought on “Down and Out

  1. Sorry for your loss! I had to put my cat down after 12 years of companionship, and I was a wreck that night. It got better and better each day.

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