Small Road Trip

Sunday road trip.

So I had a pretty good weekend. It was hard to not be bummed by all the Facebook\Instagram posts from Hayward. But I battled thru it.

Saturday I grabbed the road bike for the first time in forever and rode out to the group ride. It’s about a 20 minute ride from the store to the lot that they start in. I asked a bunch to join me and again I was solo. Thats getting old. I considered since I was alone I might just grab the Checkpoint but I really needed to ride the road bike just to make sure it didnt need anything. It was fine.

I left with the group of 12 bikes and we headed north, away from the store so I had to be mindful how far I rode to be back at the store by 10am. It was about 20 minutes and I was still with them. There are no hills in this direction for awhile so I was good. But flipped and headed back to store, getting there with just over 21 miles. I really need to start riding longer soon or another summer will pass me by. 20 miles at a crack won’t cut it.

After a normal day in the store Saturday I was thinking of what bike to bring home with me. Checkpoint or EX? Or both? I settled on the EX only. I really wanted to go MTBing.

Sunday I woke and had the day to myself. Should I ride the local trails? Or road trip? I loaded up the car and headed into town to get coffee. And it started drizzling a bit. I look at the radar and see no rain to the north so its north I start driving. There is a trail system a little over an hour I want to get to someday soon. But I forgot about this small trail system about 30 minutes away and that is where I headed to.

Nice trails with some wooden features to ride on. But its short, maybe just over a mile per lap. But nice and well kept. And fun.

It was a nice ride and Im glad I made the trip. It made missing the Hayward weekend a bit easier to take. I really like the bike. Its not a 29 plus but pretty close I guess. Much lighter than my Farely EX’s tho. But I will say this: When Trek comes out with the carbon suspension Stache I will be the first to get one. I love the bigger tires.

That’s it for the weekend. Now for the work week…..


Wa da ya think?

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