Not Much To Say

Not a lot of time to write today. Nothing in pics either. Just this:


Kind of a sad day. I was supposed to be winging up to Hayward today but being one person short in the store has me unable to go. I didnt say much about this before cuz I knew this weeks ago. But now with a bunch of my friends driving in their cars as I type has be a bit bummed. I was going up to the Borah Epic. I was not going to race but just hang out. Would be a good weekend for that. Weather looks great.

Also, there was going to be this. I’ve always wanted to see that movie and that would have been a good opportunity to do so. But here I am at work with a full day planned. Such is life.

I will get to ride a bike this weekend. Just not sure when. I might go do the mini version of the group ride in the morning, or maybe just take the Checkpoint home and ride to and from work. And while thats kinda up in the air I will get in a MTB ride at some point. Most likely Sunday.

Not sure if I mentioned this before but Im pretty sure the last time I rode the road bike was late April. Maybe I should just sell it? I never ride it solo anymore since I have the Checkpoint. And almost all my rides are solo.

Better go. Things to do, people to meet. Have a good weekend.



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