My Lake Time


With starting earlier I almost never have anymore me time in the morning. But today I just took some. I did end up getting to the store 8 minutes late. But totally worth it.

It was nice to once again sit on my fav bench and just relax before work. I did that so much in the last few years I may have taken it for granted. I miss it. I miss being able to take a few pictures during my time. My picture game is way down.

No beach left

One thing is how high the water line is. There used to be 30 yards of beach here. Now look how close its getting to the parking lot just to the right. 10 feet left until the pavement. You can see the poles and rope outlining the parking lot.  And from what Ive been reading they dont expect the lake to peak until sometime next year. And its actually still below levels reached in the mid 80’s. Crazy.

Surely no fat biking here in the near future. I miss riding the lakeshore. I did get a few rides in this winter along the water.

Totally pro

So if you remember I complained about the WTB tires. Not able to get them beaded up. Remember I rode Sunday with them all wobbly and almost threw them into the lake (if I could somehow get home doing so). The tires are posted max 60 psi and I had them up to 80 to try and bead them.

So yesterday I just threw caution to the wind and cranked them up to 100. I was expecting a loud explosion and maybe to lose one of my fingers. That shit is scary.

But I did get the job done and both tires beaded up. I brought the pressure back to 50 and put in a 20 miles ride with most on the road. All is good. I’ll leave them on. For now.  I think they look cool. I think they are bit to knobby for someone trying to road ride more but work well in the dirt. Or gravel. If we had any gravel here. Which we dont.

I still havent rode my BMC in well over a month. I just dont road ride much anymore and Im not sure why. Well, maybe cuz I have a kickass MTB and a sweet gravel\cross\adventure\touring bike. Im looking into what racks I can run on the Checkpoint. And how much racking I would need. If Im only doing overniters I just dont need full panniers. Anyway, looking into that.

That’s about it for midweek. Weather is a bit cool but thats just fine if the sun is out. And it is. Maybe a ride yet this week… Hope so.



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