Normal Weekend

Had a pretty normal weekend. I acually thought about riding into work on Saturday since I could not find anyone willing to ride with me to the local group ride. So the next best thing was to take the Checkpoint home and have a nice ride to work in the morning. The route takes my thru a park so I can even get a little dirt on the tires. So I get up, look outside..looks nice. I get a backpack loaded up with my work clothes and get kitted up. Walk outside and its raining. More like a mist. But enough that the ground was wet. I thought it maybe would stop so I waited another 15 minutes and its still there. My windows to ride are small and once again I am denied. Got my work clothes on and to work I went (driving). I just can’t catch a break with this stuff.

I was a kinda slow day at the store and I spent the time putting new tires on the Checkpoint. Just because. I wanted to put on the WTB Revelate’s. 700 by 42. They were a little smaller than the MTB tires I had on it but much cooler with the gum wall. Looks are important to me.

I wasn’t sure if the 3T wheels Im using were tubeless ready. If not they should be. But without checking I just mounted the front tire tubeless and it went up pretty easy. It needed a bit over 3 oz of Stans to seal. But went up nice. So I was optimistic.

Until I got to the rear. Messed with it for an hour. It beaded up easy but had a huge air leak out of the stem hole. That pretty much means the rim strip is not sealing the spokes. I put in more Stans and changed the valve stem. No go. Leaked down in two minutes. So, I decided I will just throw a tube in it. That means take it all apart and hose down wheel and tire outside. As I let that dry I was for sure going to leave the front alone for now but in all my wisdom I noticed that the tires were directional. I did not notice that at the start And of course the front tire, holding air just fine, was backwards. So off that one comes, out side to hose down the wheel and tire, and then decided to tube that one too.


So both wheels are now tubed. And to add insult to injury, with tubes in I can’t get the tires to bead up. I took it up to 80 psi and they still have spots that are not up. Screw it, just ride it I thought.

So Sunday I grabbed the bike and had a nice ride. Thru town, thru Parks, along the lake, some dirt, mostly road. 2 and a half hours worth. Almost 30 miles. Urban assault.


Rode to out local State Park. The tires look cool but drove me nuts with the apparent wobble in the tires. And the knobs were a bit less efficient on the road compared to the MTB semi slicks I was running. I could tell I had a pretty big effort for 30 miles. I was tired and sore after. Most likely my longest ride in well over a month.

So Im not sure what to do with these tires. Their a bit smaller that the tires I had and still a bit heavier. They are less efficient on the road but maybe a bit better in the woods. And at least for today they wobble. But man, those side walls look cool. What to do.

So not sure if I will keep them on. I for sure need to get them to bead up and might get to fix that later today. Will see as Im alone in the store most of the day.

That’s about it for my weekend. Weather looks nice upcoming. Hope to get more miles.


Wa da ya think?

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