Out of Sync

Im so out of sync with the four day week and need to catch up. I have not rode since Monday, not that that’s bad, but it always seems that when I get 4 or 5 days in a row and it looks like I have some balance between riding and work Im off the bike for a week or more. I hope not. I plan on tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday again. I really should get the road bike out. Im pretty sure I have not been that bike all of May. Maybe once early.


But when you have a Fuel EX to ride and a Checkpoint there does not seem to be a reason to ride strictly road.

The pelicans are back. They stop here for a few weeks early summer, then leave. The turkeys were guarding the park entrance. I’ve made the executive decision to not open until 9am. The bike store never opened until 10, and I was currently opening the coffee shop at 7, but its just too long of day. I looked at my coffee sales from 7 to 9 and decided its not worth the two hours, and my sanity for the sales I was getting. So I compromised at 9am. Still gives me a little time in the morning. Not enough to ride but I’ll still try and get out around noon some days.

UPS is here. Gatta run.


Wa da ya think?

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