In The Woods


Had my first spin in the woods yesterday. Today may be my second. The first ride is just a shakedown. I spent some time just moving things around. I moved the seat back, acually might consider a slightly longer stem but its hard to figure that stuff out when you havent been on a MTB in 6 months. I’ll ride it a few times before any major surgery.

I was pleasantly surprised that the shock and fork held my fat ass up pretty good. When your as big as me your approach to suspension setup is not the same as others. All the set up manuals get thrown out the window. But the Fox products seem to respond well to my extreme pressures. Both fork and shock are as high as they recommend. Rebound too.

However I was not hucking any drops, nor do I plan to. I think the 2.4 tires will be fine. I have 40 pounds of air and found out that was too much even for me. Dropped to 30 and it was much better. Might even go to 25 today and give it a try. I need to be careful that I dont smack those carbon rims on a rock. That would suck.

I got out for an hour yesterday around noon and hope to do that again today. Im pretty excited about this weekend. Two days off in a row for me. Saturday will be the road bike before work. I’ll head over to the group ride and start with them, then head back after a few minutes (if I can last that long). Sunday its back to the woods for a short ride then some fam time. Monday right now is open and I hope to take maybe a small road trip to ride somewhere. Not sure where but I have all day.

That’s about it for now. I have a lot to do in the store. Lots of bikes to get out for the Holiday weekend. But its going to be great weather so get outside!


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