There it is. Finally. And before Memorial Day as I said. But this is the latest I’ve ever waited for a summer MTB. Time to put away the road bike. Although Im hitting up the road today at noon. So the comeback starts again. While just a day ago it was close to the 30’s and fog in the morning, today will be in the 70’s and it looks great ongoing right thru the Holiday weekend. Im excited.

Im pumped to acually ride a bike in the woods. The first ride in the woods for the spring\summer is always a great feeling. And I can’t wait. If others were not coming to ride today I would be on this bike. But its all good. A bike ride is a bike ride at this point. I have about two hours in the saddle this month. Thats nuts.

From stock, I changed out the ring, chain and cassette to XX. If you recognize that stuff it was on my fat bike this winter. Oval chainring. I also took off the dropper post. Just no need where I live. Unlike last year’s Farely EX Im going to keep it to put it back on when I head back out west in fall. I hope to make that a yearly thing now.

I also threw on a set of Bontys Line 30 Pro carbon wheels. Changed out grips and seat and cut the bars to 710mm. When done the bike weighed out at 24  pounds 15oz. I left the XR4 tires on at 2.4 but I think Im going to go with XR3’s. I just dont need all that tire the XR4’s bring. But I did mount them tubeless already and might not want to go thru all the motions again….. This is the first time in 5 years I have a actually MTB and not riding some version of a fatbike in summer. I hope I like the 2.4’s as Im used to 3’s.

So my line up is complete. BMC Roadmachine for ther road, Trek Fuel EX 9.8 for the woods and Trek Checkpoint for everything in between.


Here is the quiver for summer 2018. Not too bad. Now just need to find the time.

Like I mentioned, I do have a ride planned at noon today and maybe tomorrow I will hit up the local woods for my first dirt ride. Definitely plan on parking the road bike this weekend. But the unbelievable upcoming weather will have the store busy. Which is good so I can pay for these bikes….

It’s go time so get outside.


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