Weekend\No Ride

Yet another weekend without a ride. Fog and rain. And cold. Woke up to 39 degrees on Sunday morn. My clothing for that is all put away and Im not getting it out.

But what being stubborn has got me is another step in the wrong direction. Bike fitness (or any fitness for that matter) has at critical mass. Every week I post on how bad I am on the bike. And the next week it’s even worse.

It’s all on me. I need to make the time. But with the store rocking its hard. My windows to ride are small and if the weather does not cooperate I’m screwed. Saturday morn was cold and rain and fog. Sunday I brought the Checkpoint home to ride and it was just too damn cold. I cut my grass around noon on Sunday and froze. I just did not feel like digging out all the thermal stuff. Its 10 days till June.  April and May in Wisconsin if you live along Lake Michigan is the worst time of year. Speaking of…


A visit to the park Sunday morn. The lake’s water level is off the hook. This is the boardwalk used to access the beach. 5 years ago the water was 30 feet away. Last year is was maybe 15. Look at this year. Crazy. I have pictures of us riding the beach in winter with the waterline 30 yards out. Global warming? Melting ice caps? Who knows. I remember back in the 80’s it was up too but I don’t think this high. I remember riding three wheelers on the beach back in that day.


When its windy (and it was) the gulls like to play. Here an Eagle has joined them soaring around in the wind currents. He looked clumsy compared to the gulls.

On to new business. My MTB is set to ship this week. Its shipped as a demo so it does not get shipped with other bikes. I’m sure there’s a bit more paperwork with that. It shows ready to ship but needs to be released. Next couple days. I hope soon tho. I need to get my first ride in the woods soon. Next week is a Holiday weekend and I hope to at least have some sort of road trip, even if it’s just a day. Two days off in a row!

When the bike gets here I have some work to do on it. I have a carbon wheelset coming for it. And I have to decide what tires to run. I’ll figure that out today and get them ordered. Again, 2.4in minimum. This will be my first summer in 5 years that I will not be on 29+ so I’ll try to get as close as I can.

My next chance to ride actually looks like tomorrow. And I’m also setting things up to commute to work soon. Need to get my lights and stuff figured out for that. That would help me in the fitness category. Would help me catch up anyway.

That’s about it for today.


Wa da ya think?

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