MTB Ahoy

So yesterday I went to ride my BMC with a couple others around noon. First off, its damn cold again. Middle of May and damn near in the 40,s. I almost did not have enough clothing along with me.

Anyway, we take off from the store and my bike does not shift at all. Di2. I check the battery level and I cant even get a reading. Completely dead. I quick checked the battery connection which was good and at that point had to grab the Checkpoint which was not the best with every other on road bikes. I did have a good hour and a half ride but all I could think about is that Di2. I kept thinking I will have to go thru all the connections which would entail pulling the crank to get at the B junction. And when I would find the time to do so.

So I get back from my ride and plugged in the battery charger and it started taking a charge. And worked again. This is now the third time this has happened to me with Di2.

All fixed.

The battery gets so drained that it does not even register. Completely empty. After a charge its good to go. Why and how did it get so drained? I don’t know. I showed a full charge last time I used it.

One theory is that when I lean the bike on something maybe the bars turn a bit to hit a button and stays that way all nite? Draining the battery? Again, this happened to me three times now. Its a mystery.

So I was reminded on how much slower I am on the Checkpoint. And thats OK. Im considering maybe a smaller tire on it. Its cool to have the 29ers on but maybe I’ll go to something like a 42c. The 1.9’s on there now are pretty light tho. And roll good. So I most likely will keep them. It’s just too bad I didnt get to go north to ride gravel a week ago. Its what I got the bike for.


So hell froze over. I put my order in for the MTB. I got a 2018 Fuel EX 9.8. Its a nice bike thats spec’d about the same as my Farley EX last year. NX Eagle drive. It should ship Monday.

On its way.

I still have the Eagle XX cassette and chain from my fatbike. Also that gold oval ring and will throw that stuff on it. I’ll ditch the dropperpost for now. I sure could have used it last fall out west but for around here its useless. But I will keep it this time. Wait, there more….

Ive also ordered these wheels.

Carbon is good.

That should put the bike sub 27 pounds. I have not decided on what tire to run yet. It comes with a pretty aggressive 2.4 and I don’t want to go smaller than that. In fact I have a set of 2.6’s here in store to use if I want. But those tires are made for enduros and downhilling and such. Here in Wisco I just dont need all that tread. Im looking for a lighter faster rolling tire and dont want to go under 2.4. The 2.6’s I have in store are like 900 grams. Thats close to a fat bike tire and heavier than the 29+ tires I ran last year. Now that Im older and not so racy I really dont care about weight as much the ride. But wheel\tire weight is a bigger deal.

Anyway, that stuff is on its way and I will for sure hit my date of a MTB by Memorial day.

I hope to ride a little this weekend. You should too.


Wa da ya think?

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