Mid Week Report

I have nothing to say today. At least I think I dont.

A few weeks ago I talked about the comeback. How it started earlier this month when I rode four days in a row. And I started feeling better on the bike. Since then, about three weeks ago, I’ve been on a bike maybe three times. Always I have good intentions but they just never seem to pan out. Once again I am at my all time low on the bike. To the point that I pretty much have to ride alone. Not able to ride without holding everyone else back. That’s got to change soon. And Im the only one that can do that.

The store is busy. Summer is finally here and the repairs are overflowing. Really, there’s not a lot of riding time until thats under control. It helps in that respect getting here at 7am.

The weather is amazing. Today I need to take some time and hang out in the park but Im alone most of the day on Wednesdays.

File foto

Im a bit nervous sitting here in the middle of May without a MTB. It just feels weird. I’ll get one coming soon for sure. I keep saying that. And what I usually say is Im not sure which one to get. Im so wishy washy that way but really it will come down to what’s in stock when I want one.

Just so this was not a complete waste of your time I will show you a new Bontrager helmet I just love.


Bontragers Rally MTB helmet has a new system to hard mount a light or camera on it. It’s called the Blender system and its a GoPro style mount that attaches magnetically. I’ve been night riding for years and have always hated the strapped on lights on my helmet. Lately some have been using a hard mount that screws on and thats cool too but to be able to take it one and off by hand is the best. It just fits in a slot on one side and a magnet on the other. Take it off and you can’t tell from a normal helmet. Very cool. The new Circuit road helmet has this too. This one’s mine and of course its MIPS.

So thats it for today. I hope to ride tomorrow but I know how that has been going lately.


Wa da ya think?

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