End of Week

Yet another week goes by and no riding. Its Friday morn and the weather dudes are calling for rain thru to Sunday. Another wasted weekend. I should be driving up to Hayward\Cable. I just heard all the trails up there are now open. Game on.

I now set my sites on Borah Epic weekend. Im not racing but it would be a good weekend to head up there. And this is happening too.  I would like to see that movie. So I will start to work on that. Something to look forward too. Exactly a month away. That should give me time to get my MTB and set it up. I would hope to have a few rides in the woods by then.

It’s Friday and its going to rain all day. Tomorrow too. So all the bikes that we have promised by the weekend will sit. A pet peeve of mine. People beg to have their bikes done quickly and Im very happy to put in the extra time to do so to have them done by weeks end. Then, the bike sits in the shop for a week (or more). Human nature I guess.

It looks like the best shot at riding will be Sunday. I’ll give it a go tomorrow morn but if its wet roads its a no go. And I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a bit but if the window is there I need to take it.20180510_123334

Thursdays is coffee delivery day. Im down to 3 latte’s a week now. Personally, I dont use milk, I use Half and Half. Just a little creamier. But a billion calories. I know if I try using skim I wont like it. I’ll give it a try. Maybe I can have four a week then. Worth it?

That’s about it this week. I’ll do my best to make this weekend as good as I can. You do the same.


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