Random Thoughts

Weather dudes calling for up to 2+ inches of rain between today and Friday. That will put the woods another week behind. I dont feel so bad about not having a MTB yet. Im thinking by Memorial Day would be fine.

I used to write here (almost) every day. Now I struggle to hit it up every other. Not sure why. Maybe Im busier. Maybe I just dont enjoy it as much anymore. Not sure. I used to write a lot. Short stories that nobody has read. Im not good at it, just like doing it. I dont do that anymore either.

Just no time right now and I knew that when I started the coffee thing. I signed up for this. Things will settle down.

This weekend I had planned to head up to Hayward\Cable for the Hungry Bear 100. Its gravel event. All the cool people are doing it.  I have the Checkpoint ready to go but I will not be there. And I really wanted to do this. I made it a point to get the gravel bike before the MTB knowing this was coming up. And I really could use a weekend off and out of town. I’ll still work on that tho. But it will be hard with game on in the store.

I think on slow weeks I’ll go back into the archives on Wednesdays and pull something out that is close to the days date.

Heres May 11, 2010.

Seems thing have not changes all that much. And I still have not gotten to the Apostle Islands to date.

That’s about all I can think of today. In the store I have a couple tune ups to finish and a few new bike builds. Typical day. The all day rain will slow the sales floor allowing me to get stuff done.



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