Weekend Update

It’s going to be a strange week here. Im opening the store an hour early and Im adjusting everyone else’s hours to accommodate. I also have two interviews for summer help this week too. Looks like itina-jimmy.nocrop.w670.h437ts me that I will open the coffee shop early, so then Im setting up a four hour block in the middle of the day for me to take off. Sort of a long lunch. Like 11 to 3. It would still be a long day but would give me the time to hang out in the park and ride some. Replace the time I had in the morning before work.

I hope I can make that work.

Saturday I did get a small ride in before work. I left with the Breakfast ride group. I knew I could not last long in the bunch but I had to turn early anyway. I lasted maybe 15 minutes. But I waiting for another and we both flipped and headed back at the same time. Next week I hope to last maybe 16 minutes. Baby steps as the comeback continues. It was 70 degrees and I got my first sunburn of the year.

Sunday I had one of those easy rambling rides for my house. I do one of these every summer. Just tool around the neighbourhood. Rode to places I’ve hung out as a kid. Now grown over or built up with houses. Places that are just a few blocks from my house but I see maybe once a year when I do this ride. It was only 10 miles but milage was not the point of this ride. I stopped a lot. I rode the Checkpoint and I gatta say I love the bike. Absolutely go anywhere. I’ve been on the bike twice now. First time was with a couple other guys on road bikes and thats not when I should ride that bike. You gatta be alone on this one and thats going to work fine as most of my rides are solo anyway. I can see me riding alone around noon over to our local park. Should be a good mix of road and woods. That could turn into my favorite ride.

We’ll see how this transformation week go’s in the store. I hope to be on the new schedule next week.


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