80 Degrees

I guess the news is the weather. Spring has arrived. Went out for a ride yesterday and for the first time this year did not wear any warmers or anything thermal. Full summer kit. It felt nice. 


Now… its the winds of spring to deal with. When the temps warm quickly and the lake stays a bit cool we get winds. Knock you off the bike winds. Especially when your ride 60+mm deep rims. But its a small price to pay for heat.

It got over 80 degrees. What a shock to the system when it was in the 30’s just 3 days ago. Alas, it will be back to the 50’s in a day or so. Rain the next few days. Still, I’ll take it.

I planned a nice ride on the Checkpoint over to the local park today. But rain last nite and again right now will keep me out of the woods today and the next few days.


Yesterday’s ride was west into the head wind for 45 minutes. Then 25 minutes back home barely pedaling. All this road riding has me wanting to hit the woods so bad. Every spring that first ride in the woods is amazing. First time on dry dirt in nearly 6 months. I think my last real MTB riding was when I was out west early last November. I think of that trip often and wonder if I’ll get to do that again. Before I even think about stuff like that I will need to help out my fitness a bit. Just time in the saddle. I don’t need to train. Just eat less and ride more. Simple right?

For my MTB I keep bouncing between Treks EX 9.8 and the Full Stashe. 

The Fuel EX 9.8 would be an easier bike to sell I think. And I like the color better. It’s the lighter of the two bikes but not by much. Not enough to care about anyway. But I’ve been on 29+ wheels now for the last 3 summer and really like it. Will a 2.4in tire be close enough for me? I don’t know. I have a pair of 2.6in tires in stock and I think they would fit but they are so heavy. Really heavy. Heavier than the fat bike tires I run. Not sure I want to go that way. I would most likely put a set of carbon wheels on this bike with lighter XC tires.


The Full Stashe would be cool to ride. 29+ like I’m used to. It’s a full aluminum frame and would be a couple pounds more than the EX but I would most likely put carbon wheels on this one too. I am really partial to 29+ and lack of just might be a deal breaker. However, I not too excited about color. And I most likely will change out the tires here too. I just don’t need the XR4’s. Also one of the main factors is availability. Waiting for the F. Stashe to come back in stock. I hope it’s soon or my decision will be made for me with plenty EX’s right now.

So I’ll keep thinking about it and keep waiting. But not too much longer. I need to get in the woods sooner than later. My first ride in the woods will most likely be on the Checkpoint but I’ve got out of town friends coming in 3 weeks and I need to ride with them. So that’s pretty much a deadline there...


Wa da ya think?

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