Weekend Report

Sunday morn.

I finally got down to the beach on Sunday morn before the ride. I really miss mornings there. By now I thought I would have things in place to once again be able to have my time there. Soon I hope.

The water is so high. There used to be almost 30 or so feet of beach beyond that boardwalk. Now the water is hitting it. Actually running under it at times. Its crazy how the lake changes day to day.

We are now leaving the 5th coldest April on record and things like that do affect bike stores. Sunday morn it was 29 degrees when I got up and its just two days from May. It got up to 48 with the average high now about 60 degrees. Thats nuts.

Saturday I just didn’t ride. It was just too cold. Im so done with that and besides, I was planning a longer ride Sunday anyway. Sunday rolls around and I called out a 40 mile ride at 11am. Just one other showed and I needed more to be able to ride that long. I did manage 30 miles which is the longest to date this year. And I did not feel so good after. I guess I was sore in a good way. But I was really sore. When there is 5 bikes or so I can hide a little bit better. With just one other Im pulling and that just takes more out of me.

The weather is turning today. Maybe 70’s for temps tomorrow and I do plan on a ride then. Maybe one more later this week too. In between the rain. Looking at the 10 day things look about 10 degrees warmer. About time.

That’s about it for today. Again, with the woods drying out I need to keep thinking MTB. Soon.


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