I Like Spring

I like spring. Of course it gets warmer and I can wear less clothing to ride. But another thing is the flurry of this summer’s new bikes to ride. You all have seen the BMC Roadmachine. Yesterday I got another bike for this years stable. My Trek Checkpoint got here about 11am and I was out on a 20 miler by 2pm.


This bike may be a keeper for me. Carbon SL frame with isospeed. Room for big tires. I currently have some Bonty 29-0,s that are 1.9’s but Im pretty sure 2.0’s with a smooth tread pattern will fit too. I threw on the 3T carbon wheels I took off the BMC. I specced the bike with 105 which works wonderfully. If I decide to keep this one then some form of electronic will be installed.

All the bosses for racks, bags and such are everywhere. Throw on a 35m road tire and its a tour bike. Put the fatter tires on and its a gravel bike. It’s a commuter in any configuration. The 20 mile first ride was a nice one. I rode with a few others who had road bikes. I struggled but that fine by me. I’ll use the road bike for the group rides and when Im solo, which is most of the time anyway it will be on this guy.

My commutes back and forth to work will be fun as I can cut through the local park and hit up some single track right on the way. When they introduced this bike I knew I was getting one immediately. It was hard to get. Always backordered. But my number came up and here we go.

Im looking at all the racking possibilities right now. If you remember I had that Trek 920 for three years, all bagged up to go and never used it. The right thing was to sell it and I was a little bummed when I did last fall but thats old news now. I think if I do any touring it will be more of a overnite bikepacking as opposed to a full blown tour. So this would be perfect decked out in bikepacking gear. And when Im not its not this heavy tank. Like I said, this one could be a keeper for me.

I still have that ride up in Cable on May 12th. 60 miles of gravel. Well, I might cut that a bit short but still will be a good time. Its crazy but they are still skiing up there so I dont know how the roads are going to be in two week. Time will tell. All the MTB race series here in Wisco have already cancelled their openers. Still a ton of snow in the woods farther north but melting fast. It’s all but gone here. Some snowplow piles and thats about it.  Some have rode in the woods already. Its early for that.

So now I turn toward my last bike of 2018 and thats the MTB. Couple weeks before I order that one. Still on the fence with which one. I guess the one thats in stock at the time. Really, no bad choice.

I rode Wednesday and Thursday this week. I’ll not ride today and not sure about Saturday morn before work. Back in the 30’s for temps. Im just about ready to put all the 30 degree ride stuff away. So I might pass tomorrow morn and wait to put in a longer ride Sunday. 50 degrees at noon. All my rides (like 5 of them) this spring have been in the 20 miles range. I hope to spread my wings a bit Sunday. Not sure what Im thinking. Some are calling out a 65 mile route but Im not so sure I can do that yet. Will see. Maybe a 40 mile route for me. That would be good enough.

Its a nice weekend so get outside whatever you do.


Wa da ya think?

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