Game Back On

The road bike is done and done. Well, almost. I slapped on the wheels Friday right before a ride. Yes, you heard right. I rode a bike this weekend. In fact, I had three rides three days in a row. Fri,Sat and Sunday. 60 miles total.

Back to the bike. Everything is on the bike except I did not put the tubeless tires on. Instead I pulled a set of Conti’s off the floor. Not sure why I did that as Im going to air up the tubeless this week. Prior I was all over the tubeless thing. Now that I have them and and a fresh set of Conti’s on Im not so sure anymore. Just cold feet I guess. I have to do a set for a customer. I’ll do those first as see how I like them. Again, Im sure they ride great, just not so sure I want to go thru all the tubeless hassle. Or after setting up that first set maybe its no hassle at all.

Friday me and another headed out in the afternoon for 23 miles. My first real ride in seven weeks. And after that short ride I felt exactly as I thought I would. Everything hurt. Shoulders and neck the worst. I was limping the rest of the day. My knees ached. I hurt so bad I had to take some vitamin “I” before bed to get to sleep. The comeback is not going to be easy. I didnt think it was going to be.

Saturday moen I left with the breakfast group but had to flip back to work. I felt a bit better but then again it was only 15 miles and pretty slow so I’ll call that one a recovery ride.

Sunday 5 of us headed out for a quick 25 miles. Temps in the 50’s felt awesome. Im always amazed on how bad I feel on the bike with a long absence. And then Im amazed on how fast it comes back. I felt great Sunday. Knees did not hurt. I felt so much better than Friday and even pulled quite a bit. I just need to lose some weight and keep the time up on the bike. 10 hours a week would be good but Im not sure I could swing that with the coffee shop opening early.

I’ve got to say the Brooks seat is working perfectly. I think I’ve found a keeper. Other riders with little or no seat time complained about a sore butt. I was pleasantly surprised to find no discomfort at all. On any of the rides. I’ve got two more of those seats on order. The seat really has no padding but a ton of flex. It’s a bit narrower than my other seats so that could be a factor in its success too. I dont care what makes it so comfy, just glad I found a seat that works for me. I wont put one on the floor, these things run over $200 bucks. The most expensive seat I’ve used. And totally worth it

What a difference a week makes. Last week Monday I was amazed by the record setting snow storm. Today, a week later all that snow is almost gone, (here, not so much north of here) and you would not even know it happened just 7 days ago. Tomorrow might hit 60 degrees. But thats about time. We deserve this now. Bring on spring.

My next ride might be tomorrow afternoon. Most likely solo. Now that my store is clean across town I’ve been looking for a half ass decent route to ride out to my favorite park. Yesterday afternoon I spent some time looking for that and I think I found possibility. It involves some sidewalk and across a few yards but it just might work. Maybe I’ll give it a test run Tuesday aft. It might be a great ride with my Checkpoint which was supposed to come in last week, now looking like later this week. Can’t wait.

That’s it for now.


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