End of Week

Im not going to go on and on about the snow. But a couple things. Officially just a bit north it was the second largest snowstorm in all history. Today, four days later they are still digging out.


The pic is from a friend’s Facebook post that lives in Green Bay. Crazy deep. 30 plus inches up there. Just maybe 6 to 8 here. Last nite it snowed 6 to 8 inches south of here with less than 2 here. Its crazy how the big storm was north and yesterday’s snow was south.

As expected, the store was slow this week. But I did get caught up with some special projects. Yesterday I went down to our local YMCA and tuned up their spin bikes. I got about half of them with the rest next week. Also, I still have to do a final clean of the old store. Im officially out at the end of this month. I can’t wait for that. Maintaining insurance and utilities on two stores is expensive. But was needed to make this move work.

Moving on from all this. Today its sunny. Seems like the first time in over 10 days that I can see the sun. Feels nice. Looking at the 10 day, everyday it 5 degrees warmer and 8 out of 10 have the sun out. The weather dudes are saying the snow is done and done. We are back to the seasonal average temp of 50 degrees in a few days. Now, we have to just wait for all this snow to melt. Then, wait for the woods to dry. That could be a month. Hoping there are some decent roads to ride by the weekend. Some wet spots from melting snow but for the most part dry.

My riding has been at a all time low. All time. About 2 hours on a bike in the last 7 weeks. I thought the comeback was starting last week. Then the snow. Now Im waiting to restart the comeback. Hopefully soon.

So, on the bike front. Just got a email the Zipp stuff has shipped. Maybe here tomorrow. Monday for sure. Along with customer stuff I have a set of 404MSW’s coming. This is a completely redone wheel from last year. New shape, design and hub. Can’t wait to see it on the BMC. Along with those new rims are the new Zipp tires that I will mount tubeless.

So with that shipment the BMC is set. Then, later yesterday I get the message my Checkpoint is in. That will have to wait till after the weekend to ship. I never ship anything expensive that will sit in a truck over a weekend. Just minimizes the potential for disaster. I’ll ship it Monday. Then, I start the part swapping. Getting this Easton bar.  Im taking the wheels from the BMC and putting those on the Checkpoint.

Some nice 3T’s. Nice and wide.  I have these tires here and waiting. But Im not sure if I want to go with something that aggressive. I heard some are putting on these 2.0 MTB tires. I have a set of those here too. Whatever happens should be fine.

Im still up in the air about MTB’s. But with the woods about a month behind I do that one last. Still up in the air. Either the Stache full suspension or a 9.8 EX. Will depend on what available at the time.

I sure hope to get a ride in this weekend. I dont care how long. Sunday looks good. 50 and sunny. Maybe Saturday morning a short one before I open. Either way I need to get that comeback going before I sink below the point of no return. Not sure that that is but I dont want to find out.

The weather is improving ongoing so things should be looking up in that respect. Get outside and have a good weekend.





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