Wasted Weekend(another)

What a wasted weekend. All weather related. Starting with freezing rain on Saturday to full on snow all day Sunday. Just 90 miles north they had 20+ inches fall and I believe I heard the 3rd largest snowstorm in history? Some parts if Wisconsin predicted up to 30 inches. We had no where’s near that here but close to 10 inches on the north side of the area where I live. Which is more snow that we had in Jan\Feb combined. And more coming on Wednesday. I spent Sunday on the couch all day. Watched the entire new season of Better  Call Saul on Netflix. All day. I did spend some time outside shoveling. When I wasnt outside I was looking outside. It looked like mid January.


Its nuts but I won’t complain as much. It’s just a freak thing that has happened before and Im sure again sometime. Temps look like they moderate in to 40’s to stay in 5 days. That’s still below average but at this point beggars can’t be choosers. 

What this does mean for me is that the store will be a week behind in sales but thats the way it is. Im sure today, as people dig out, will be super slow. Just might tell everyone else to stay home and go it alone.

That, and this puts the MTB trails near another month behind. It will take weeks to melt all this snow, let alone dry the dirt. Well into May.

That segways me into this: Im looking at attending the Hungry Bear 100. A gravel event up in Cable,WI. Like I need another excuse to head up there. It’s on Saturday, May 12. But that’s up in the air in my mind. Hell, they might have snow and ice in the woods still. I’ll guess I’ll wait and see. The gravel roads up there can be pretty crappy (for gravel roads) with all the logging and such. Quite a few times we rode them they were sandy, loose and rocky. Tough even with a 40c tire. I can only imagine them with the frost still coming out of the ground. While thats possible at that time most likely it will be fine. It’s just hard to imagine having full on winter here at April 16th. It will still be full on winter here up to April 20th. Thats nuts!

Another thought if the gravels road are not set up yet is Brown County in Indiana. I’ve never been but have heard a lot about it. That’s a 6 hour drive but sits in a more southern part of the world. It’s always warmer and drier there before here. It’s a thought anyway. I would have to plan on getting my Stache then before my Checkpoint. Actually, I need to take those bikes as soon as they come available as they will sell out completely again…

On other bike news, Im putting in my Zipp order today. Im on an amazing Emonda build that Im going to start next week. I’ll post a few pics for sure. Trek Emonda SLR 9 with eTap. Zipp wheels and cockpit. Super nice bike Im building for a customer. Can’t wait to get it on the ground.

As the store slows due to the weather, I take full advantage and get lots of paperwork done. Sometimes I save stuff for times like this and of late I did. So today and tomorrow Im hitting the books.


Being a half ass amateur photographer Im Facebook friends with a few really good ones. Here is a pic of our lighthouse on Saturday getting pounded during the rain\snow storm. Winds recorded up to 50mph then. The top of the lighthouse is over 60 feet. What a great pic. Its my background for a while…..

That’s about it for today. Going to be a slow week. No riding. But its a week to get things done. I think the roads will be ready to ride by next weekend. Maybe. I hope so, the comeback is on hold right now. If fact it took two steps back yesterday with couch, food and Netflix. Hope to reverse that soon.


Wa da ya think?

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