What the What?


What the hell is going on here?

I didn’t ride yesterday and now I wish I did. In the next 3 days the weather dudes are talking up to 3 inches of rain and 4 inches of snow. In fact they are calling for rain, thunderstorms, snow and sleet w\icing. All in one sentence. Thats nuts.

So the store will be slow. There will be no riding. No nothing. I got some gift certs for the local movie theater and it looks like I will be spending that this weekend. That and will get a lot of paperwork done in the store. With yet another lost weekend people are going to be going a bit cabin crazy here. Me included.

Once again the Cable\Hayward area are getting another foot of snow. Mid April has those trails in mid January conditions. Skiing until May up there? I hear the ski trails still have almost two feet of snow on them. Add one more then….. While last year they had no snow and cancelled the Birkie, this year they were out plowing the snow off the ski trails. With more plowing to come next week….  Yesterday someone said its a nice day for January 83rd. Thats funny.

So not much of anything will go down this weekend. I’ll still say have a good weekend and get outside as some of you dont live here..… Lucky.




Wa da ya think?

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