First Ride


So here’s the new mural I put on the wall in the coffee shop part of the store. Its funny how most people walk right past it without looking at it. Crazy. Anyway, I hope people like it. Also, I think it strange how dont get the Forrest Gump reference. I had it made so that I could cut the bottom off its its too stupid. Will see.

My first ride in a month went pretty much exactly as I thought. Just 17 miles. Legs cramping and ass hurting. I didn’t get the new Brooks seat on as my UPS guy comes way late here at the new store. I did put the seat on when I got back.

One of the others guys popped a spoke about 8 miles out and we decided to turn and ride him back to the store. One guy kept going…. We had a good headwind heading west so when we turned to head back we were all waiting to get some tail wind. As if on cue, the wind switched and we were once again in a headwind. Off the lake so it dropped about 10 degrees.  Not a real good ride for everyone to start out. But things will get warmer and better soon.

Seat on. Tape next.

Just put the seat on here. I might head out for a quick ride at 2pm today if its not raining. It’s in the 50’s today. Just an hour at most. Hope things start hurting less the more I ride. Going to slap on my trademark white bar tape here. Going all out with some Fizik 3mm. Fancy stuff.

Now that I have my road bike set for summer I look to the others. Im going to get a Trek Checkpoint next.  I’ll just get the 105 model. I have a gravel event Id like to go to in Cable,WI on May 12th so thats the next bike on my radar. After that its a mtb. Still up in the air about that. This is the first spring I needed to get 3 new bikes at the same time. To get EP pricing I need to pay for the bikes up front and even for a dealer that adds up quickly. Just take it one bike at a time…..

I looked and the sun is out so I just might get that ride in later. Will be a solo ride but a ride nonetheless….



Wa da ya think?

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