Today is the day. The day I go for a bike ride. Couple of us heading out at 1pm. First ride on the BMC Roadmachine. This is my first ride since I did 14 miles back on March 13th. Almost a full month without one bike ride. That might be a record for me. At least since I started riding in 2001. And I feel every bit of that absence. Temps look to be about 45 at ride time today. Hope I dress at least close to correctly. I suck at that stuff.

But today is the comeback. Some say dont call it a comeback. I’ll call it a comeback based on the condition Im in. I expect to be very uncomfortable on the bike. And thats not the bikes fault. I might have maybe 20 miles in me. Maybe more. No expectations tho.

Today Mr UPS is bringing me a new seat to try out. I should have time to put it on.

The Brooks C13 Cambium. Carbon rails. It’s the most expensive seat I’ve sat on but it may be totally worth it. Why did I get this seat? Cuz Im now a Brooks dealer and I can.


On paper it sure looks good. And the carbon will silence the weight weenies. This is not your Dad’s Brooks. Its not like the Brooks we know. I still have my B17 that I had on my tour bikes. It’s in a box somewhere hopefully not lost with the move last month. Holy crap… the move was almost TWO months ago. Crazy.

So I hope that seat works for me. Im sure any seat I ride today will feel like crap. But ya gatta start somewhere. In the past I was always pleasantly surprised how fast the bike fitness came back and I hope thats true here. I might squeeze in another ride tomorrow but the weather looks rainy. The weekend also looks like crap. Chance of snow I hear. What else is new.

By this time of year I might have been up to 10 hours a week on the bike in prior years. Hopefully soon.

Last nite I had a thought of doing a weekly podcast about all things bikes. New products, old products, etc. Im thinking about it. Sounds like fun.

That’s about it for today. Today, along with the bike orders, I have to put in my coffee order. I need to get used to that…. Will let you know how the ride goes on Friday.


Wa da ya think?

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