Busy Days

Another pretty big gaps between posts. And that means one thing. Nothing worth writing about is happening. All work and no play. I would think that getting to the store at 7am everyday would give me a lot of time to write but its been busy. The sale week went well. Now I have to get everything on order in a orderly fashion. Making sure I dont forget anyone. I think the snow put a bit of a slowdown last week. Maybe a little. But overall success.


Yesterday I did a little paperwork when the store was closed. And watched Paris-Roubaix at the same time. Work on the left. Peter Sagan on the right. I was back home by noon to sit on the couch and eat the rest of the day. Not good in that respect.

Ive made an executive decision to go ahead and get the Zipp 404 NSW’s. These wheels retail for $340zpeeo1-60 and thats nuts. These are a completely different wheel from the Firecrests. Nothing is the same. The hubs have the magnetic freewheel that completely disengages when you coast. Its silent. Im going to give them a try anyway.

Like all the new wheels coming out the logo is not a sticker. Its laser etched into the rim. No wonder they’re so expensive. And its tubeless. I know, road tubeless has been around but it pretty much sucked.

Zipp_Tangente_Speed_Clincher Back then I would not have tried it but its gotten better and I will give it a go here using Zipp’s Tangent 28’s.

I hear nothing but good things about the tire\wheel combo. I being told you can mount\dismount the tires by hand without a lever. Shoe horning these kind of tires on the wheel has been a issue in the past. I hear several brands make tires that work much better now. I guess I’ll see.

This weekend was another wash for me as far as riding. I just dont have the motivation to road ride when its in the 30’s for temps. It’s been in the teens in the morning. I’ve been on a bike three times in the last 6 weeks. Between the move, coffee and sale its been a hectic time for me. I see the temps are going to be near normal starting Wednesday and I plan to hit the bike riding hard. My weight is to the point that I can’t even talk about it. It’s time for action.

I’ll get the BMC ready for its first ride on Wednesday. Game on. I’ll ride early afternoon. I’ll have help in the store and it will be warmer then too. Long Ride Wednesdays are back on the menu.

Then I’ll have more to write about….


Wa da ya think?

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