Snow Day

The snow finally came last nite. About 8 inches or so. With me getting up and driving to the store in the dark I never get to take any pictures in the morning anymore. I need to hire some morning help soon. I’ve been interviewing but maybe Im just a little too picky.

Store is busy. Coffee is so\so but thats fine for now until I get said help. Ive cut way back on coffee consumption. Just my normal 12oz in the morn.

My shifter came for my BMC and it went on quickly without incident. The bike is for the most part ready to go. Still thinking Zipp MSW wheels…. Time will tell.

Ready to go less a wheel switch. Can that steer tube get any higher?


I was told I could not run huge 32c tires in the BMC. It’s pretty tight but had no issues with a 10 minute test run. Those are some big Bonty R3 tires. I’ll run these in April to keep things a bit comfy and switch to 28’s in May. Im thinking of running Zipps tubeless tires if I get those wheels. That sounds like fun.


I got the TV up on the wall and its working great. I was hoping to get a bigger screen but this 55in was on sale for $398 so I went with it. It seems sufficient.

So now its just more waiting for the snow to melt and the salt to wash off the roads… again.

I hear the skiing up north is incredible again. The Birkie crew up in Hayward is out with a full groom this week. And with the cold temps for at least a week should be good. Im not sure if any grooming will happen here. Maybe. I would have no problem scraping off the storage wax for one quick ski. I think there is enough snow to groom. Not sure who froze the ground was tho….

Anyway, thats all I can think of today.


Wa da ya think?

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