Second Winter.

Had a pretty good weekend in the store. Other than that I did not do too much. I am for sure on a bad streak with bike riding. Maybe 3 rides in March. And the next ten days do not look very good either. 2 to 5 inches of wet snow predicted to fall tomorrow. Im not surprised. Im too old and have lived here all my life. This thing is kinda expected. Up in Hayward\Cable they got 10 inches of snow last week. I hear the skiing up there is as good as it gets right now. Like here, temps way below average for the next 10 days. Could there be May skiing up there? I hear the locals up there are getting a bit over winter. Lows up in Cable yesterday was below zero. Its been teens here.


The store has been busy. I havent checked but I could have just had my best March ever. I’ll look today and see. 

Ive already changed to coffee shop opening from 6am to 7am. The earlier start is just too much for me. I really haven’t advertised it much yet and am afraid to before I get some moring coffee help. Going thru interviews as we speak. That process is always a pain.

I have decided on a MTB this summer. Its a bike you dont even know exists yet. Trek will release it on Friday. By then I might have mine in store and can have a bunch of pics then….

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. All the kids and grandkids were over for Easter dinner. So all I did was sit on the couch, watch Disney movies with the grandkids and eat. Not the best scenario. It happens to much to me. But thats so hard to correct when its cold and raining out. Which was the case Saturday morn. I did not have a bike to ride anyway, and was going to be too busy at the store to ride but the weather negated that. No miles lost that day.

In the back of my mind Im thinking of getting out of town at some point. Maybe late April for a long weekend. And this will be south for warmer weather. That would the first time I would go south, I’ve always gone north to more snow. Never south for some early spring dirt riding. Maybe because I’ve been in such terrible shape this time of year, this year no exception. In fact I am without a doubt in the worse shape of my life right now and I say that every spring. But its for real now. And as soon as I can get in above freezing temps I will get some road miles in. This is the earliest I’ve ever had a road bike to ride. Mostly because I did get a complete bike and didnt have to build it. It’s the same with my MTB. Its going to be a box bike too. Again, thats fine with me being pretty busy with the coffee thing and such. I will for sure build my Checkpoint. Sometime late April.

That’s about it today. Getting ready to brace for some late winter snow. Hopefully not too much. Maybe it will be more rain and wash the salt off the roads….


Wa da ya think?

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