New Bike. Warm Day.


Its going to be over 50 degrees today. Sunny too. Then, after today its back in the 30’s with snow possible this weekend. Yesterday I received my BMC road bike for the summer and had made the call for a ride today at noon. But that’s just not going to happen.

First things first. I did get out to my fav park this morn. Its rare now that I get here with the store clear across town. I did get to sit on my fav bench for a while. A thing I used to do almost everyday.




 Now maybe once a week if I’m lucky. One of the negative things about the new bike\coffee store is not being able to hit up this park as much. But I will try to get there as much as I can.

I think a bike ride to the park now will be maybe 5 miles longer than before. Thats not a bad thing.

Personally I’m not dealing with the coffee shop very well. With my life motto being “nothing in moderation” I need to improve my self-control. The other day I made myself 5 double shot 12oz latte’s and got pretty sick. I guess now I know my limitations. The hot coco is not bad either. I need to lay off the stuff. It’s like an alcoholic owning a corner bar. But I learned my lesson. I know this was going to happen. I will deal with it.

Backing off now.

On to the bike. I received it yesterday and started on the build. Had big plans to ride it today. I’ll make a long story short. I’ll not mention all the swearing and crying. 

2018 BMC Roadmachine

You bet your ass I had to put on that million dollar red chain again.. The bike is pretty close to what I had last year but some changes. The Di2 control is in the down tube and off the bottom of the stem. You can see where I plugged it in there. I like that. My first task was to change handlebars and stem. BMC’s 56cm frames come with 110mm stems. I run 100,s so I changed that out. The stem is proprietary so I had to get another from them. All the housing and wires run thru it. Nothing external. Thats pretty cool too.

Looking at the pic you can see nothing there. For now, I’m leaving all the spacers under the stem. I could cut it down a but I’ll wait to ride it a bit. I think all the steertube spacers makes it look kinda weird. But I will wait to change it. With all that internal routing it’s quite the chore to cut down the steer tube.

So why am I not riding it today?

Waiting for a new shifter.

These bikes come with the handlebar off. Which is fine because then I can switch out to my favorite Easton bar. So after doing all the internal routing I cut the hydro hose to size. In the bag of parts you get a bag with two olives and two barbs to be used to attach the hydro hose to the brake. I’ve done this a million times. So I get thing all cut to size and install the barb, threw on an olive and started tightening it to the brake but it felt funny. Like I was cross threading but I wasnt. Turns out there was a compression olive already in the shifter and I did not know that. Long story short ( I said that already) I squished the extra olive and it was mushed beyond getting it out. I am dead in the water.

Now, I have a lot of bones to pick with Shimano, like why can I buy their stuff online cheaper than they sell their stuff to me. But yesterday I called them after I calmed down and explained what happened. They are sending me a new shifter no charge even tho it was not their fault. And its a new 8070 shifter. Pretty much can’t find them anywhere. They had two to send out for warranty and they are sending me one of those. Thank you Shimano USA. Now… control your damn online sales…

After I found the extra olive in the right shifter I pulled the extra one out of the left shifter and got that brake up and running without issues. So I have the bike all set to go and will take minimal work to get it up and running when the new part gets here early next week. In the meantime I am bikeless having removed the bars from the old cross bike. And the wheels are sold off that old bike too. That ol’ frame will once again get put away until the next time I need a bike.

Its going to snow again this weekend anyway.




Wa da ya think?

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