New Bike and Coffee


And there you have it. The install went smooth Friday. I have made countless espresso drinks, took a sip, threw it away and made another. Now I have to deal with all the little things. Cups, mugs and all the things that go with this operation. I have to decide what hours to be open. I need to hire help. As expected, it’s going to be early morns for me for a while. At least until I get a person I can trust to open alone. Right now I’m thinking 6am.



The dude from Colectivo said I prepped very well for the install. It took maybe three hours to get up and running.

I was pretty nervous about operating the equipment but after two solid days I’m feeling better. It does take a bit of a “knack” to steam the milk correctly for different types of drinks but once you got it down its good to go.

Today, like Saturday I’ll brew two air pots of both light and dark roast and leave it out for anyone to try. I would like to try to be able to sell coffee Wednesday, with my first advertised open day Friday. I still need to get a lot before then.

On the bike ride front, I batted a zero this weekend. Saturday I just had too much to do and once agin I did bring a bike home for Sunday and as usual, ended up coming in to the store to work and to bring it back. As things ramp up with both coffee and bikes my ride times will switch from mornings to afternoons anyway.

Also on the bike front I made an executive decision on what road bike to ride. Once again I will be on a BMC Roadmachine One. But this year I’m not going to build it, just get a boxed bike. With all the coffee stuff and building other people’s bikes I just don’t have the time. The bike will be here this week. All I’m going to do is switch seat, bars and wheels. I might change out rotors too and try for a 140mm on the front. It comes with a 160. Im also trying to afford some Zipp 404 MSW’s. Not sure if even I can affords those. Wheel prices are all over the board lately. I’ll talk about that more later too. The MSW’s retail for $3200. Thats nuts.


The bike is the exact same color as the one I had last year. Also Ultegra Di2 again too. A neat feature of the 2018 over the 2017 I had last year is the Di2 control box is mounted inside the down tube and off the bottom of the stem. No wires, cables or brake housing visible up from. Suck a cool look. So once I get this guy up and running its on to the MTB for the summer. I already know what I’m getting. But more on that later.

Better go brew some coffee.


Wa da ya think?

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